Welcome To Hopkinton Have A Nice Race

4 days away. Boston looms. It is controlling me, occupying a great deal of head space and invading my sleep. Before we know it, the weekend will be long over and I will be mourning the disappointment of not performing as well as expected, or riding the high after a stellar performance. Hopefully, the latter!

In any event, how can you not be excited for an event like this. The electricity will be in the air of Boston for the entire weekend and  can be so inspiring. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and the friends we’re travelling with make it that much more fun to be a part of this event.

The weather seems to be toying with us all. The forecast has changed slightly and leaning towards the ‘too hot’ zones. Not good for me. But I can’t control the weather and as long as I walk away knowing I did well under the circumstances, I will be happy.

The training went well, the hay is in the barn and there’s not much left to do now other than be wise enough to rest and eat well, let it happen and enjoy the moment.

And if things don’t go perfect, well, there’s always next year!


P.S. This is day 106 of my Run Streak


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