Watch Where You’re going Mister!

Traffic Lights For a reasonThat title was directed at me. Well, it wasn’t spoken but implied in the eyes of a driver as I stepped in the way of her car.

Many times I have been quite angry with drivers going too fast, or failing to yield to pedestrians, but yesterday, I was the one at fault. And, it could have cost me big time.

I was on my way, in the early morning light, to meet up with my regular running buddies. As I approached an intersection en route, I glanced ahead and made note of theĀ green light. However, I was still far enough away that the light had turned red for me and as I entered the intersection and when I looked back up, I realized I was running right in front of a car. I was completely blown away at my idiocy. I waved, apologetically to the driver whom was able to stop well enough in time because he had just got going from a stand still. Had he been approaching the intersection at the speed limit, or god forbid speeding, I may have met my maker.

Thankfully I was lucky and this incident reminded me to run always aware, and stay alert.


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