Watch out for loose pins – Garmin 610

This morning, I was running along, everything going well. Arms swinging gently, I felt my watch release and fly ahead of me.

The photo here is a close up of the watch still intact. You can see the pin, just sitting there, waiting to work it’s way out.

Scary. Sort of.
I have read about the new Garmins doing this. The pin just works it way loose and bam, the watch falls off. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate where the pin ended up so I had to make my way home, carrying my watch and frustrated that this would happen after only a few weeks.

So I contacted Garmin. Well let me tell you, it sucks to live in Canada. They pawned me off on their Canadian 3rd party affiliate whom have yet to call me back. Apparently though, it will take a couple of weeks to get a measly pin.

I stopped in at a couple of watch repair shops, bith stating the pin is proprietary and they had nothing that matched.

I tweeted about it, mentioning @Garmin in the tweet. I stated my unhappiness with the situation. I have not heard back from Garmin but I did hear from Toronto’s Timex Rep who offered me a trial of any of their watches. Cool. Kudos to Timex. I may take them up on it.

Fortunately though, Running Room will exchange my watch as it is in the 30 day full warranty.


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  • Beaches Runner

    Success. The nice people at the Beaches Running Room gave me no troubles with returning the watch – Thanks to Rina the manager for making it so easy!

    Now, we’ll see if this one stays on. Otherwise, the watch has been fantastic.

  • Beaches Runner

    Again. My replacement watch, all shiny and new, on it’s 3rd run, went Pin AWOL! during a trail race none the less! Arrgghh…I had to carry it while navigating a the technical trail. Not fun. I finally stuffed it into the tiny pocket in my shorts. BS. A new replacement plan is in the works as I lost the pin again. Hey you try to find a pin on a dirt trail! :)

  • Beaches Runner

    I lost another pin, during a trail race which sucked. Having to carry the watch when you want your hands out, ready for a fall, is not fun.

    Anyway, I was going to return it again, but Garming sent me a new band and replacement pins.

    I reassembled it and added a dab of crazy glue. No problems since.

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  • Tim D Miller

    I ducked taped my on with a little piece of tape. Crazy glue is a great idea.

    – I have had about three system crashes.
    – Battery life just doesn’t cut it. Ex. After a full charge, I do a short 1hr 1/2 min brick (bike/run), don’t use watch next day, and the next day it runs out of juice in 1/2 hr????

    Not worth the money. Buy Polar, I don’t know much about Timex.

  • runner_mel

    Exact same problem, except mine came flying off during the bike leg of a triathlon. Had to stop, run across the road and stuff it down my shorts for the rest of the race. Colour me unimpressed. Now I have to try to replace a silly little pin!

  • Dave E

    Runner Mel,

    I called Garmin and they then shipped me out a replacement band with 2 new pins.

    I also dab a tiny bit of crazy glue over the points where the pins could slide out. It has been fine ever since.

    I suggest you do the same.


  • dave

    Just happened to me too. Forerunner 610, pin popping out for no apparent reason. The idea of crazy glue is something I will try after I give Garmin a call and see if they can send out a pin. I really don’t need a new band, the band was still attached to the buckle… just the pin. :)