Training Update: A 100km week – The Plus And The Minus

photo by evelyne.frank.hullerThe week ended with a fabulous long run under wonderfully sunny skies and relatively balmy temperatures for mid January. Our group did 35km along the eastern waterfront route to the top of Brimley, then headed north and west to St Clair, then Warden Woods trail and Taylor Creek before heading back to our starting point at the Running Room.

I started out from home a half hour earlier and got in 5k first at a very comfortable 5:15/km pace. The 25km part was a bit quicker as we averaged 4:47/km for the run. Pretty decent effort all around from our rather large group.

So I ended up at 100km for the week. This was easily managed with the week starting off on the holiday Monday, allowing time for a 16km run with strengthening breaks mixed in, which I did again on Saturday. These strengthening infused runs are purported to be very beneficial and they are a welcome change to what is usually a not-so-exciting easy run.

Here is how the workouts went:

Monday 16km – Easy with strengthening & plyometrics scattered throughout
Tuesday – 12km – Easy Tempo Run
Wednesday – 11km – Hard Tempo Run
Thursday – 8km – Easy Recovery Run
Friday – 12km – Medium with 6 hill repeats
Saturday – 11km – Easy with strengthening & plyometrics scattered throughout
Sunday – 30km – Long Progressive Run

The higher mileage has me feeling strong again. I always benefit from these weeks as long as my body holds out. Unfortunately, the nagging heel pain I was feeling back in the fall reared its ugly head a bit so I had to get up on my toes to reduce the stress, which left me feeling a bit sore in the calves on this morning’s run. We’ll have to see how things go but I think if I focus on a nice steady flat-footed stride it will settle down.

The main thing is that I am feeling good overall, and keen on getting stronger all around, fitting in as much time training as my busy schedule allows. With the busy schedule, it will be easier to garner more miles by fitting in 2 runs on the Wednesdays, my favourite day to Double. And before to scream ‘junk miles’ or something of that nature, remember, 80-year-old Ed Whitlock is still kicking ass and running daily, usually 2+ hours each day.

This week’s goals are to spend more time strengthening, stay on the path of healthy eating and try to up the hours of sleep.

Oh ya – “There is no try – only do” ~ Yoda

No excuses!


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  • Adrian Grancea

    Easy tempo vs. hard tempo? Can you share the pace and time on that pace?
    Can you comment on heart rate zones you are on training and racing on?

    • Dave E

      Easy Tempo = Race Pace + 10-20 sec per km (around 4:40-4:50/km) and Hard tempo = race pace – 30 (around 4:10-4:20/km)

      I do not do any heart rate zone training, but I do wear a heart rate monitor from time to time to make sure it is very low during easy runs and not too high during hard efforts.

      • Adrian Grancea

        On tempo and medium runs, do you run same pace for all 11 – 12 Km, or just the middle section with a warm-up / cool-down?

    • Dave E

      Generally, I will do about 2-3k warmup (5:30-5:45 pace) and 1km cool down, plus a few minutes of walking ( which is not calculated in the mileage)

      For speed-work, Intervals and such, I try to get in 3-4km of warmup and a bit more cool down. Then some light stretching after the workouts. Then food!