Training & Racing Update – It’s Taper Time!

Only 2 weeks until Boston! there’s time for a few more hard workouts, but mainly, it’s time to get some rest and some energy stored up in these tired legs. Actually, I don’t even feel that tired. But I will do it because I know I need it to perform my best in Boston.

I topped out with an almost 130km week (129!) My highest week ever. My average weekly mileage for the past 2 months has been a little over 100km with highest weeks of 129, 120, 118, 114, 114, 112 and down weeks of 90-105.

Today was day 93 of my Running Streak too. I haven’t missed a day since the end of December. I even managed to get in a run every day on vacation in Punta Cana with a total of 104km for that week!

A few races were thrown in for practice, speed-work and testing my fitness.

Chilly Half Marathon: 5km warmup + 21.1km race (1:28:45) and 11km mileage run post race.

Achilles St Patty’s Day 5k: 5km warmup + 5km race (19:25) and 18km mileage run post race.

Around The Bay 30k: 2km warmup + 30km training run (2:20:30)

Beaches Spring Sprint 5k – this coming Saturday….sun 19:00 ??? :)

Speedwork has been a mix of hard tempo runs and differing interval workouts. Some 1000m repeats, some 800m repeats and a couple of “ladder” workouts. My favourite ladder workout is as follows:

Warmup for 3-4km. then run for 1600m hard, 400m easy, 1200m harder, 400m easy, 1000m harder, 400m easy, 800m harder, 400m easy, 600m harder, 400m rest and an all out 400m to finish. Then cool down.

This week, I followed that workout with another 6km of hill repeats, focusing on hard downhills to gear up for Boston’s demanding downhill route.

I think I am ready.

Scratch that…I KNOW I am ready.

Now, just 2 weeks to avoid colds, toe stubs and ankle rolls!


PS: I must say I owe a lot of credit to RunShorts for sharing some of her advice, received from her personal coach. I have not the time, nor the kahunas to get mixed up with an actual professional coach. But I did take to heart a few key aspects from her training program. I’d share these tips … but it will cost you ;)



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  • Chris Price

    Mate, sounds like you are running STRONG right now, way to go.

    Best of luck with Boston, get your rest, then go and smash it!


    • Dave E

      Today I feel tired. After the 5k race and then 25k yesterday, on no sleep and overall fatigue. I may be coming down with something. I felt like a bag of bricks last night – and opted to take the subway today instead of the bike. I will get my streak run in at lunch but only a few kms.

  • theNuno

    Proud of you skinny Dave. Project 370!

    • Dave E

      Yes, Project 370 – I am going to have to start that blog soon!

  • Adrian Grancea

    You’ve being an inspiration for me since blogging on G&M last year. Chasing same elusive under 3:10 for years, but I must say didn’t have same dedication in training like you.
    Good luck in Boston, hope to see you there, BIB 6490

    • Dave E

      Its tough to stay focused for so long, and to be good for so long. I have been the most focused ever, but still see weakness and missed opportunities to improve. Mainly with eating and cross training. It really is hard to fit it all in. Let’s see if I have done enough to get close to 3:10 though!

    • Dave E

      Bib # 8662 – Where are you staying?