Toronto Goodlife Marathon 2011 Pt 1

Ha, I didn’t even write part one. A new friend, JD did.

Since I haven’t had (made) the time to write about last Sunday (or 2 weeks ago – Sporting Life) JD’s report can tie you over.

Check it out, and the rest of his blog here

JD’s Ridiculous Endeavors

I’ll be back.


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  • julie

    “our pacer, for some unknown reason, picked up the pace to 4:40 to 4:45/km. For a moment there, I wondered if I was going to be able to stick around. More accurately, I wondered why I should. The pacer was obviously demented.”

    I like this guy! He knows you SO well :)

  • Beaches Runner

    Strange. He said earlier in his blog, and after the race to me, how well he thought I paced. We ran 4:45 for a very short time, just to get back on track for the time we lost into the winds on Lakeshore.