Toronto Goodlife Marathon

Well, uh, it was a rainy day …

Dave The Bunny. Pacing Duties #4The Toronto Goodlife Marathon, my 24th, was actually a few weeks ago but my blogging delinquency has been criminal, so here we are now – catching up.

After running Boston, followed two weeks later by the Sporting Life 10k where I ran a personal best 40:49 I had 2 weeks to get ready for the Goodlife Marathon where I’d be running my 4th official Pace Bunny Race. This time at 3:40. The getting ready part consisted of some maintenance running and some resting.

As I was still bummed about not meeting my goal at Boston I considered having another go at it in Toronto at the Goodlife race but I could not find anyone to take over my 3;40 Pace Bunny duties so, being the nice guy I am, stuck with it and ran it as planned. Gladly too as the 3:40 slot was tough and I highly doubt I would have come close to my original Boston goal (sub 3’15”) and probably would have been left feeling more disappointed and a lot more tired.I did do my job well again and got the crowd in on time, in very even splits and we finished at 3:39:56.2. For the record, that was the closest of all Pace Bunnies for this even Half and Full Marathons.

The race itself was very enjoyable, as I felt great most of the way and had a fabulous crowd tagging along which makes it all worthwhile, knowing you’re helping people reach their goals. The weather was nasty to the eye but favorable to the runner’s well being. Cool and light rains are a great way to help keep the core body temps down and only part of the course was really windy and wet so I think all in all it was a decent day to race.

The logistics of the race were better than ever for the Goodlife Crew. They seemed to have everything in order and more organized than previous years and I was happy to see this after all they have been through. Having to move their date top the Spring was hard on them and only left them 6 months to prepare this year as opposed to the usual 12. They did well and good on them. I hope nothing but the best for them in the future and hopefully I can continue to help them out with feedback, advice and volunteer support.

I should also mention that Anita ran the Goodlife half marathon, making it 23 or 24 half- marathons for her. As usual, she fought off nagging ailments and ran this as a training run in her usual time range of 2:20-2:30.  She now has her sight set on the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October – where we will both be training hard over the Summer to gear up for a couple of Personal Bests. Stay tuned as we chronicle the exciting Summer of Training, right here on

Now the dilemma for next year is that Mississauga moved their date to the first weekend in May which is the same weekend for Goodlife whom announced their 2012 date way back in November 2010. What a shame! I and others emailed Mississauga to ask why in the world they would do this. We all heard back, and received the same reply regardless of what we said in our emails. Here is mine;

Hello Dave,

We have decided to change our 2012 date because we have looked ahead at our next few years and the Marathon Weekend will fall on Mother’s Day on eight of the next nine years after 2012. We have been asked by many of the Port Credit businesses not to schedule Race Weekend over Mother’s Day Weekend and because they are a large supporter of the Marathon we are trying to work with them. Additionally, the Sporting Life 10K event was to fall on the weekend of May 13th which was our original date, therefore, moving to the weekend before Mother’s Day was the only feasible option for us.

Thank you for your email and we hope to see you in 2012.

From: Dave Emilio
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 11:03 AM
Subject: 2012 dates

Dear Mississuaga Marathon,

I just noticed that you switched your dates to the 5th and 6th for next year. Why? You will now be on the same weekend as Toronto again. Seems silly. Many people I know were looking forward to participating in both events both for fun and to help support both.

Dave Emilio
Toronto Beaches Runners Club

Feel free to keep hounding them at the email address above, although I doubt at this point they’ll be moving again. Sad.

So we move on and will do our best to support all of the local races. Unfortunately it’s near impossible to do so when they’re on the same day!



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