It doesn’t matter if you are a first timer or if it’s your 25th marathon, as this is for me – you get antsy when race day is only a week away. There is a certain amount of anxiousness in the buildup to the event. It is hard to decipher whether it is confident excitement or second-guessing doubt. You just have to embrace it and go on with your day. It will eat you up if you let it.

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Skipping Long Runs During Marathon Training

Are there any benefits to skipping your long practice runs? - Are there any benefits to skipping your long practice runs? | ThinkstockFrom Monday’s Globe. Article number 2 in a 16 week series I am writing for the Globe and Mail, chronicling my training for the STWM on October 16.

Published Online Sunday, Jul. 03, 2011

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Runners Version of The Fall Classic

Dave Emilio - A Runners DiaryThe Fall Classic is commonly known as the World Series of Baseball. Sure, it’s the most exciting time of the year for that sport, but for us runners, we look at the Fall as the perfect time of year to run a marathon. Generally, it’s cooler when the races are held, and as long as the Summer is not too hot, we get all of our runs in without too much interruptions such as Christmas, Easter, and … Snow! Bring on the Runner’s Fall Classic, for us, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Date: Sunday October 16th. Read more of this post


Some runs just work out in your favour

Running on the Leslie SpitSaturday night, our little ‘pick up – retro music band’ played an impromptu gig in Oshawa. Honestly, it was actually a planned show, but we considered impromptu because we didn’t promote it really. We are under rehearsed and felt compelled to NOT drag people out that far to see us hack our way through Read more of this post


It’s Not Just About The Chilli

2011 Chilly Half Marathon

It is a late report but as I have been busy, preoccupied or lazy, it is time to tell the tale.
The Chilly Half is a very popular event due mostly to the fact it is the only decent race of 21.1k or more at that time of year. The details like race entry and lousy shirts (as far as sizing goes anyway) are usually ignored and people who say they are going to take a pass on it, usually run it anyway. Like me. Read more of this post


26.2 Days Until The Boston Marathon

Welcome to Jamaica, Have a Nice day

Well, actually, that was yesterday but it’s a neat thought and I am revisiting it today.

Am I ready? Well I was, I really was on track but Jamaica beckoned and we went. Vacationing in the Caribbean, at an all inclusive resort is a wonderful thing. Read more of this post


Hill Training Returns with a non-bang!

It's all uphill from hereI usually like hills, hill training, and stairs. It’s not a real love, like, the way you love ice cream or your children (sometimes) but more of a ‘love the burn’ kind of thing. The benefits of hill training are so good that I usually just do it knowing how rewarding it is in the long run. Today, my mind lost the battle. Read more of this post


I Have All The Secrets

What I meant to say was I have a link to all the secrets.

Scientists have discovered that you can train your body to retain a fitness blueprint, which makes getting back into shape after a slump a whole lot easier

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Dark and Early Morning Runs

photo of an early morning runnerNow, with it being in the heart of winter, I am finally adjusting to the early mornings. The cold (and darkening mornings), seemed much worse back in November as is usually the case. By now,  I am able to flick on the tele, get an idea of the temperature and wind chill, and then dress accordingly. Then a light snack and head into the darkness. No problemo. At least it’s light by the time the generally hour long run is done. Read more of this post