My Running Streak – Project 370

Project 370 began at the end of December last year. It is my goal to ‘Streak’ for one year.

So with the few days from 2011 when I started the streak, plus all of 2012 and finishing off with our traditional New years Day race at the Beach, it all adds up to 370!

Will I take a break after that?

You can read all about it, and follow along with my weekly updates on Project 370 Journal.

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New Look For Beaches Runner

New Site Design for Beaches RunnerIn lieu of a new blog post, I sat up late last night trialing some new themes and I liked this one. I altered a few things, spent some time Photoshopping a new header image and voila. I have a few of my own designs in mind but there’s no time to get to them. For now, you get this one.

Photos in the header are all from a beach run morning in Australia earlier this year.

Enjoy. Now, maybe tonight I will write again :)

~ D


Marathon Weekend: Mississauga vs Toronto

Here is an article that ran this week in the Thursday Star and online…
You may notice I was quoted in it.–competing-marathons-this-sunday-mean-drop-in-participants

I had a nice chat with the Stars Urban Affairs writer, Patty Winsa. Obviously there is a lot more that could be discussed here and it seems to be of most popular concern that Goodlife and Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathons should have merged into one large Fall Marathon. Too late for that now. It’s unfortunate because the press surrounding marathons in our GTA is more often negative than positive despite the many positives.

I am very curious to see what the actual numbers are next week. I plan to compare actual runners completing the events with those of last years. I have a feeling both will be way down.

What are your thoughts?

FYI, I am running the Goodlife Toronto event as a 3:40 Pace Bunny


Offspring – Cross Country Cam

Cam, 1st place in the XC Regionals

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Updates on Ace Your Health

Ace Your HealthHave you been Acing Your Health this year?

I have been (trying) and getting better.

It really is about small steps, nothing to overwhelming all at once.

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Born to Run … Again!

Polaroid Image of The Beaches RunnerWelcome to the Beaches Runner Blog. This is the successor to Running With Scissors.

So, here we are.

If you are interested, feel free to check out my old blog ‘Running With Scissors’ as I will leave it up for a while. It’s out dated but there are still some decent posts there, and some good information pertaining to running, particularly marathon training. If you search around you may actually find something useful.

With this blog, I plan to focus a little more on what readers want. Useful information, healthy food and lifestyle options for everyone, not just runners. As always, I will speak from experience as well as from input from you, the reader, so please, I encourage you to comment on any of the posts with any advice and information you may feel is fitting.

And finally, if there are any articles related to health,  fitness, road racing, trail running, running events, travel etc, by all means let me know and I will share what I know, or use my resources to find out what you’re after.

Best regards to you all!