Beaches Jazz Run

brc-jazz-1Hi all! You may have heard the good news!

The Beaches Jazz Run – now a Beaches Runners Club event!

For more info, and to sign up and save 10% off any of the races, use the code BEACHESRUNNER.

Canada Running Series (CRS) is happy to announce that they have handed off the organization duties of the Beaches Jazz Fun Run to The Toronto Beaches Runners Club. With the addition of CRS’s new Waterfront 10k, assistance was needed to keep the Jazz Run going strong. That’s where I, along with The Toronto Beaches Runners Club (BRC) comes in.

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A Runners Best Friend

The Ravine, Me and Pre!

The Ravine, Me and Pre!

Canadian Running Magazine put a call out to runners whom enjoy running with their dogs. How could I resist when one of my best running buds is..well, Pre!

So here is the link to their opost. It’s part of a whole series and a well done one at that.

Runner’s Best Friend: Dave Emilio and Prefontaine


One Year Later – A Delayed Race Report

I haven’t blogged in well over a year, for reasons I may get into another time. But for now, here’s my 2014 Boston marathon Report.

This story is a big one. Not in the newsflash, stock market crash, another politician lies kind of trash. But big to me, and to the people who know myself or Danny. And it stems from such a small gesture, during a brief interaction which to me, is what makes it so big.


The must do for every year, pose by the expo entrance

The marathon is a beast in itself, anyone who has run one knows what I am saying. I’ve now run 36. The 36th time running a marathon may not seem like the beast that the first one is, but it’s still something big, and to me , each one has been significant. Boston 2014 was one for the books as it was the 1 year anniversary of the bombings and had a record number of participants. The city was unbelievably electric. The runners attending were wrought with emotions. Excited first timers, nervous and fretful runners who had been affected by the previous year’s tragic incidents, perhaps themselves having only barely avoided the bombs. And hundreds of thousands of spectators hoping to see a good, safe race. I, along with most, was as excited as ever.

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Boston 2013

The hay is in the barn!

The hay is in the barn!

Since I haven’t blogged in forever, I am feeling a little rusty. But not in the running department. I feel great and for the first time in a long time I am heading into the marathon weekend knowing I am ready.

The training cycle for Boston 2013 was a step up from last year with the addition of a coach. Hey, I never said I was an expert. I figured why not enlist someone who has progressed from where I am to a level I would like to be at. The schedule was fierce and relentless and having a coach checking up on me to ensure I was following the plan definitely helped. I stepped outside my comfort zone in a few areas that I usually don’t. Like running when tired for one. Sure, in the past I have put serious effort into the speed workouts but this time I persevered and ran many more miles. Some people may call them junk but we’ll see if they have in fact built endurance and the ability to fight hard right to the end of the race. Read more of this post


Movember 2012

With only a couple of days left, I thought I would break my no blogging streak and recap Movember so far.

I have been diligent with keeping my Mo-Space updated with some of my favourite and more famous Mo’s.

I did not (yet) reach my goal which was to beat last year’s fundraising of $3550.00. Not even close. Maybe the economy is down, or more Mo participants spreading out the funds across more people, or maybe I was less pesky! Anyway, I may hit $200 which is not too bad and should put me atop the Flight Centre Team.

To check out my Mo Space (and donate!) – click  here

Or just view my synopsis of my daily (almost) updates. If you were following along, i hope you enjoyed it. If you donated, know that I, and we, all, appreciate it! Thanks to all!

And here you go, my Mo’s of the day, in reverse order…
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No Fear Of The Dark

A short while ago I was privy to receive a kit from Energizer* that included a few treats to enjoy and review. It was in this post here, that I told you about one of 2 cool headlights I received and tested. I was impressed and looked forward to trying them out on some trails for real. The other headlight is not quite as powerful or feature rich, but is a fair bit lighter and less cumbersome without the external battery pack. Either one would be suitable for trail runner, night hiking, cycling etc.

The PRO 4 headlight is the other headlight I tried. So far, I have used it on one bike ride and it was quite bright and efficient. It fit over my helmet well and it is also comfortable worn straight on my head.



2 Light modes – night vision, spot
28 lumens

21 hours runtime

Pivoting headlight to point light where needed

Adjustable head strap

Push button switch

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Watch Where You’re going Mister!

Traffic Lights For a reasonThat title was directed at me. Well, it wasn’t spoken but implied in the eyes of a driver as I stepped in the way of her car.

Many times I have been quite angry with drivers going too fast, or failing to yield to pedestrians, but yesterday, I was the one at fault. And, it could have cost me big time.

I was on my way, in the early morning light, to meet up with my regular running buddies. As I approached an intersection en route, I glanced ahead and made note of the green light. However, I was still far enough away that the light had turned red for me and as I entered the intersection and when I looked back up, I realized I was running right in front of a car. I was completely blown away at my idiocy. I waved, apologetically to the driver whom was able to stop well enough in time because he had just got going from a stand still. Had he been approaching the intersection at the speed limit, or god forbid speeding, I may have met my maker.

Thankfully I was lucky and this incident reminded me to run always aware, and stay alert.


On The Hunt For Trails Part 1

Living, as a runner in Toronto is a pretty good thing. Especially for those that live anywhere near the Waterfront. Finding routes that are visually pleasing, challenging and relatively traffic free is not an issue. We are actually a bit spoiled as there are an abundance of pretty decent routes that take you through Toronto’s park-lands. These are multipurpose routes that host runners, walkers, cyclists roller-bladers and more. It is rare to traverse any of these routes and not come across other active souls, regardless of the time of day. The fact that you can get a good workout in without battling the hazards of traffic (collisions as well as the pollutants inhaled) is much appreciated by all that make use of these trails. Read more of this post


Holiday Running and Racing Recap

I never did get around to writing this (in a timely manner that is). I jut logged on to get started on a Race Report for the Chilly Half Marathon when I realized I had a draft started about my holiday run-escapades.

As it turned out, the holiday season was another one of sneaking in runs when I could which was most days but I did miss Christmas day this year. Last year daughter Sarah and I has a lovely 6km run down to the beach and back and we planned on repeating that this year but it was too tough to do after the huge breakfast we ate!

Boxing Day was my first time attending the famous and historic Boxing Day 10 miler. It is a well run event in Hamilton, rich in tradition and it did not disappoint. We blessed with glorious weather and despite the lack of fitness going into it, I managed a decent time of 1:12 and seconds (which I’ve forgotten).

New Years Day saw us once again toeing the line at the Beaches Hair of the dog 9k run and Polar Bear dip. We were again greeted by decent weather which made for a good run (38 mins) and a bearable temperature for the Polar bear dip on lake Ontario that followed the run.

This race had a good turnout from our Beaches Runners Club members and the post race spread of Chili, salad, sweets is always well done. This low-key event in Toronto’s gorgeous Beaches is one of my all time favorites. I definitely recommend you join us next year.

One other interesting note about the holidays is that, as it followed a 3-week rest period of barely any running, it also kicked off my current running daily streak that has me on day 68 and feeling great! I hope to manage a daily run for the entirety of 2012 with 3k being the minimum length. For official reasons, a run must be a minimum of 1 mile according to the official streaking run community. I just chose 3k as a nice decent length to call a run. Let’s see how I go, and how I do when battling. Cold, flu or worse, injury (gulp).

An don’t worry, my ‘streaking’ does not entail any naked running!


Oh, and Chilly Half Marathon Race Report coming soon….


First Snowy Run Of The Year

Well, it took until February 11th and I can now say my Yak Trax which I purchased 2 years ago were a worthy buy. I have stumbled across them several times this winter thinking about how nice it is that I haven’t had to strap them on yet. And also happy that I haven’t had to. We woke up to a good dose of the white stuff along with -11 Celsius temperatures and wind chill on to of that to contend with. As Boston marathon training is in full swing, I am know about to let a little inclement weather stop my good momentum. So I suited up strapped on the Yak Trax to my new Saucony Cortanas and hit the roads with full intent on seeing if the parks were as ni ce as I envisioned them to be. Generally, fresh fallen snow is nice to run on. My hopes were met with great conditions albeit, hard to muster up a decent pace. But, this being and easy day, I was fine with floating along in the 5 and half-minute per km range.


It was an awesome run on the fresh-snowy trails of Taylor Creek Park and the Lower Don trail here in Toronto. I planned on 15, if it was not to be too cold and was perfectly willing to forgo the distance and head in early if it was too nasty out. 18km made much better thanks to my yaktrax! For the most part I ran along the trails through deep snow, packed snow, ice, slush and winds. But the sun was shining and it was not as windy in the lower setting of the parks so it actually turned out quite nice! In fact, this was one of the nicest runs of the year!

So now it is Saturday, and I am already at 95km for the week, with Sunday’s long run still to complete. 25km tomorrow will put me at 120km total topping my previous highest week I ran a couple of years ago when I made it to 118km. That puts me at 621km for the year with the previous 5 weeks being – 113, 109,  90, 101, 100 – this is definitely the most consistent I have been and touch wood I have no aches or pains.

I’m feeling better and stronger than ever now and enjoying every step! I hope your training is going just as well.