New Shoes – Brooks PureConnect

A shoe review, as my first post in a while? Yep – life has been strange and completely chaotic lately. Writing seems to take a backseat when it is as such.

Now, Inspiration usually causes me to write and so when i strapped these puppies on this morning I thought for sure I had to share the news and views.

Simply put, the early feedback, is that this shoe rocks. If you like minimalist shoes, a low heel to toe drop (4mm) and overall comfort, low weight all the while feeling like you actually have a shoe on…this one is for you. Read more of this post


Timex Run Trainer GPS Review

I haven’t reviewed a watch for a while. Not since the Garmin 610 which has been my go to watch for the last half a year. My friend Dan got a hold of a Timex IronMan Run Trainer GPS for me to try out for a while. I have had the chance to take it for several runs now, some short, some long, some in the day and some in the dark. Now, I have enough info to go on and may even recommend this watch for you.

Read more of this post


Watch out for loose pins – Garmin 610

This morning, I was running along, everything going well. Arms swinging gently, I felt my watch release and fly ahead of me.

The photo here is a close up of the watch still intact. You can see the pin, just sitting there, waiting to work it’s way out.

Scary. Sort of.
I have read about the new Garmins doing this. The pin just works it way loose and bam, the watch falls off. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate where the pin ended up so I had to make my way home, carrying my watch and frustrated that this would happen after only a few weeks. Read more of this post


New Watch – Garmin 610


It was time for a new watch. Yes, the old Garmin 305 is still functioning, but it is showing signs of no-life and I want to be ready. And yes, I like to be the first on the block with new toys. After my brief stint with the Nike+ GPS Watch, which I adored the look of, and feel, but not the characteristics – and wrote about – I waited patiently for the release of this newer Garmin model and jumped on it, in time before my Clinic Instructor discount ran out. So the $399 price tag was a more manageable $320. Still a hefty price tag I know and I owe my better half some extra chores this summer for sure. Read more of this post