Timex Run Trainer GPS Review

I haven’t reviewed a watch for a while. Not since the Garmin 610 which has been my go to watch for the last half a year. My friend Dan got a hold of a Timex IronMan Run Trainer GPS for me to try out for a while. I have had the chance to take it for several runs now, some short, some long, some in the day and some in the dark. Now, I have enough info to go on and may even recommend this watch for you.

I say I may recommend this watch for you because it is not for everyone. The main thing it does have going for it is the value. For the $220 range you get a watch with as much functionality as anything out there Save for maybe the Garmin 910x which will happen to set you back almost $500.

What you get are all the features of most other Garmin units with the added bonus that this watch can go to 50m under water.

The main features of this watch are as follows:

  • Light weight – it doesn’t even feel like you have a watch on
  • Monitors Pace, Speed, Distance, splits, heart rate (if extra strap is purchased)
  • Display up to 4 different items on one screen, with the ability to have other screens with other items being displayed
  • Long battery life while using GPS, about 8hr – slightly longer than my Garmin 610 which is around 6-7
  • Extremely long battery life when not using GPS
  • Good GPS
  • Ability to set up interval training, and other type of workouts.
  • Can also connect to a footpod and cadence device for cycling
  • Good software for training and logging workouts included (Training Peaks – http://home.trainingpeaks.com/ )

Of course, with all the good, comes a few cons:

  • Indiglo light is good, but not as good as other watch lights.
  • Indiglo light does not stay on so you need to push the button to see the watch in and pre-dawn or post-dusk run
  • Changing user settings is tedious, especially on the fly. Changing them while it is attached to your PC is a breeze though.

This watch will serve me well as a back up. I would definitely choose it over my older Garmin 305 and my Nike Sport GPS. And if you are not wanting to fork over the $350 I paid for the Garmin 610, I’d say you can’t lose by picking up one of these for yourself.

~ Dave



Update, as you can see by the comment from DLow below, the Indiglo light actually can stay on full-time (‘always on’)

And, after using it a bit more, I have become more comfortable with the functionality and I am liking it more and more. It makes my recommendation for this watch even stronger!



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  • DLow

    Great review! If you press and hold the Indiglo button for 5 seconds (3 beeps) it will activate the Indiglo constant-on feature so there is no need to press any buttons during your pre-dawn/post-dusk run!.

  • Dave

    Follow up – I have now had a few runs on these shoes, including the Around the Bay 30k after only one previous run of 12k on them. Wow – they were great!

    The high toe area allows for lots of room. No soreness at all at the end of the Around the Bay (plus a few km warmup before the race)

    they are so light it feels like slippers, yet they have a very soft landing and promote a forefoot strike with a good roll.

    I couldn’t recommend these more.

  • http://www.beachesrunners.com Dave E

    Thanks DLow – I had a nice run last night in the dark with the brightness of ‘always on’ Indiglo leading the way! I had a chance to test out the Timex HR Monitor too. Worked like a charm and more comfy than my old Garmin strap.

  • http://twitter.com/pablocantero Pablo Cantero


    Thanks for the review. :)

    Is there a simple way to synchronize Timex Ironman Run Trainer with RunKeeper or Am I forced to use it with Training Peaks only?