The Off Season

I consider this the Off Season, time spent between Fall Marathon(s) and Spring races. Normally, I would keep the mileage up to remain fit and hit the next training cycle ready yo rock, but this year was a bit different. here’s how it’s played out so far.

Recently, we went to Hawaii (work, not family) for a short trip. Long enough to spend 1 day indoors ‘working’ and 1 day of outdoor activities. It was nice to be there but the 2 days spent traveling to and fro makes it a rough ride. You have to make the best of it while there, so I signed up for a surf lesson. As you can see from the photo, I was an instant expert. Actually, that’s not true. It was hard and although I managed to get in a few good runs, I spent a lot of time swimming back to the board and trying again. I enjoyed it and if not for the coral, rocky bottom, I would have stuck with it longer. I’d like to try it again on a sandier section of water.

As for running….


My last race(s) did not go as planned, or as well as I hoped and it led to a break from running. Not a massive, no running at all break, but a slow down, reassess, rest some nagging injuries kind of break. So, in the last 6 weeks, my running schedule has gone from 6 days per week logging 80-100km, to this:

Week 1 – 0km

Week 2 – 1 run, 6km

Week 3 – 2 runs, 12km

Week 4 – 3 runs 28km

Week 5  – 4 runs 43km

Week 6  – 4 runs – 53km

And we’re about to end week 7 which will end up around 55km. In the coming weeks I will build back up to 5 days, then 6 and eventually a few weeks of 7 days as I get ready for my 3rd trip to the Boston Marathon, where I will shoot for a personal best time, hopefully somewhere in the 3:15 range but anything better than 3:18:20 will be a plus.

During this scale back period I have gained 10 lbs. It comes back so easy. This puts me behind schedule for Boston training because my original intentions were to actually lose some weight during this period. But my willpower feigned and my addiction to sugar soared. It’s currently holiday season as well so I can only hope to get through the next 2 weeks and get into full training mode in the new year.

I won’t call it a New Year’s Resolution, it just happens to work out this way.


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