The End Of Movember

November is done, has been for a couple of weeks. But the Movember aspect has just recently come to a close. For those of you following along, you know that I was busting my butt for the cause: To raise funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer.

It was a successful campaign and I reached my fundraising goals. I smashed them actually, raising a whopping $3,541.00 putting me at the top of the list for my work-team at the Flight Centre. The bonus for top fundraiser was a price of 2 Airfare Tickets from Air Canada, good for anywhere they fly in Canada. Halfway through the month, when I was close, but losing steam, I decided to use the tickets as an incentive, offering them up as a draw prize for anyone who donated to the cause in my name. Of course, I would have to win in order to give the tickets away.

It was an exciting finish. I had some fantastic support from so many great people, family, friends and topped off by my son’s hockey team coaches and parents. At the last hour, I went ahead after being in 2nd place since the 15th of the month. At the last minute, my rival went ahead and I sent out a few emails and rallied the troops in the office and we made a final surge in the last minute to finish $200 ahead. Success. I must admit, I felt a bit bad for the late ambush but the positive outlook is that the competitive part of Movember only helps to raise more funds and awareness. Brilliant on the part of the Movember crew.

The draw will be held sometime next week and the winner will be announced here and notified by email.

As I mentioned, the hockey team did such a great job collectively and it came at an expense to my appearance. My first plea to them was to raise more than Cam’s team did last year. The first tier was $400 and when asked by Scott, the team coach, if the kids could shave my moustache if they raised that amount, I of course agreed. Then I put out 3 more tiers. $600 to buzz my head, $700 to shave my head, and $1000+ to dress up in a crazy costume and be a mascot at the first home game in December. They met all challenges and the ensuing shaving and mascot performance took place. It was quite the spectacle, the kids had a blast taking turns shaving and some photographic evidence is represented below. Video footage exists and I will try to post shortly.

Some highlights of Movember Donations were a few annonymous donations, one being for $350.00! I wish I knew who these were from so I could thank them, and for that matter, enter them into the draw for the tickets.

Next year, same thing? That remains to be seen!



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