The Beaches of Punta Cana

Running when on holidays is tough. For one, who want’s to run in 30°+  heat? OK, you can get up early enough to run in the pre-dawn 25° but then again, who wants to get up at 5:30 to run at 6am when you are on vacation? Me!

I managed to run all 7 days, keeping my run streak alive and keeping close to my Boston marathon training schedule. I even managed a few afternoons in the gym, for some core workouts, spinning and cross training. But don’t worry, i still managed an awesome vacation with loads of downtime, afternoon naps and even a few Mai Tais! I actually broke my streak of no beer during training. How could I not? It’ so good once it hits your lips! But just a couple. And I came back from a week away of buffet and great restaurants only 2 lbs heavier. I can tackle that this week!

Most importantly, I got to run on a beach again. I ended several of my runs with a few km on the hard packed sand, barefoot. So nice. Mainly though, the mileage (102kms over the 7 days) was done on a monotonous 1.6 km loop around the property. It was 1.4 actually but a slight detour up a 100m hill to the front entrance made it exactly 1 mile. Definitely good mental training!

I used the said hill for some repeats on the last day, literally 1 hour from departure I threw in a 2nd run encompassing 1 lap of the property plus 11 repeats of the hill as hard as possible up the short but steep incline. Then I rushed back for a shower and packed up, and we sadly headed home after what was a wonderful sunny week away. Yes, I heard the weather in Toronto was beautiful, but sorry, it was better where we were!

We landed at 2:30 am Friday night, and got to our own beds at 4:30am! We had too much to do Saturday to sleep in much past 9 so we didn’t catch up much and then Sunday morning we ran the Achilles St Patty’s Day 5k race. You’d think this would have been a disaster but I managed a personal best 19:25. I guess the hard work is paying off. More on this race later.




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