Hill Training Returns with a non-bang!

It's all uphill from hereI usually like hills, hill training, and stairs. It’s not a real love, like, the way you love ice cream or your children (sometimes) but more of a ‘love the burn’ kind of thing. The benefits of hill training are so good that I usually just do it knowing how rewarding it is in the long run. Today, my mind lost the battle. Read more of this post



AccountabilityAccountability: I like to occasionally put some bold statements out there so people know about it and then I have to keep my word or I hear about it. I have done this before , and I am doing it again. I want to race faster and there are many components that make up a good race. Solid training, lot’s of running, hills, long runs, speedwork, core strength and of course, an optimum weight. Read more of this post



It’s usually tough to keep me from running for 5 days in a row…but…the combination of post marathon recovery, the flu, Cam’s out of town hockey tournament and the extreme cold weather lately have all made it nearly impossible to get out there. This is probably a good thing. With a bit of a break, I am now well rested and ready to head into some serious weeks of training. 12 to be exact. Read more of this post


New Favourite Running Tune

Whenever I am training hard, and looking for some sort of musical motivation, there are many tunes that come to mind. One previous favourite was Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco. Running to the beat of it yields a 4:30 pace with a medium stride length, perfect for marathon pace training. This song however, seems to actually make me run faster, not even necessarily to the beat of it. I just find myself running faster. Read more of this post


Dark and Early Morning Runs

photo of an early morning runnerNow, with it being in the heart of winter, I am finally adjusting to the early mornings. The cold (and darkening mornings), seemed much worse back in November as is usually the case. By now,  I am able to flick on the tele, get an idea of the temperature and wind chill, and then dress accordingly. Then a light snack and head into the darkness. No problemo. At least it’s light by the time the generally hour long run is done. Read more of this post


Dear 2011 – I resolve

Beaches Runner - jumping for joy, after a 10k raceI won’t go so far as to say I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I have used the New Year many times to reassess where I am at with my health, fitness and well being. But I also am a firm believer in making changes as soon as you realize they need to be made and not waiting for the right time. The right time is when you know there’s changes to be made. That said, it’s tough to get through December without a little indulgence so we almost always end up with some form of NYRs!

This year is no different but I kept going through fits and spurts throughout the year where I would get back on track in order to improve my running so I am not too far off where I want to be.

But there’s always room for improvement so I have decided on several different goals relating to both nutrition and training habits.

So, what are they?

Read more of this post