Running With The Bears

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‘Da Bears’

I love them and all, and they are beautiful creatures, but, running up north will always have you concerned about bumping into them. I know of many great trails and routes around our cottage that are perfect for a long run but I do not enjoy them as much as I should knowing very well I could meet my demise en route.

This month’s Running Times Magazine has a small exceprt on Bears and this humourous quote stood out nicely;

When running in the woods, carry a bell or whistle to scare away black bears. Look for signs that bears are near. Black bear shit will have berries in it…

Grizzly bear shit will have bells and whistles.

Fortunately, Black Bears are all I need to contend with!


Limberlost Challenge Trail Race

I meant to write about this sooner. I really did. But then I wrote about it in my weekly Globe And Mail Diary and I put it behind me.

[you can view that article here]

But there’s much more to tell about this great day and a what fabulous event it was. First off, it is not too far from our cottage so it just made sense to try to fit it in to our weekend. Anita and I were planning to do long training runs anyway so when we cleared it with the powers that be (our sons and their grandparents) to be away from them for a bit longer than usual on a training day, we drove there and registered on Race Day morning.

The location is just west of Algonquin Park in the Limberlost Forest. The start area is a nice open area with tents for sun protection and the start line heads from there out to about 500m of dirt road and then you dip into the tree covered forest. Check out the video below for a nice view of the whole shebang, start, trails, scenery. Just lovely.

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