And So Another Summer Ends

Summertime means, among many things “Cottage Days”. But now, Summer is over. Sure, there are 2 weeks left in the official calendar season of Summer, but we sent the kids back to school, hockey has started, the cottage has been visited for the last time this year. To me, that officially ends Summer. We’d love to go back up to the cottage a couple more times but for many reasons, mainly kids school, sports and some fall chores around the house, we won;t be heading north again this year.

Despite a few suspect days of cool overcast weather the past few weekends, it was a great summer. The cottage made it even better, beating the heat when the city was so hot and humid and offering many weekends of fresh country air. It seems to be theoneplace in the world where we really do relax and unwind.

Now, a whole new season of craziness is about to unfold. The season of trying to fit in a marathon, hockey games, school stuff, and yes, soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Don’t get me wrong. I love this time of year too, but I do not think I am alone when I say it’s sad to say goodbye, albeit a bit premature. So farewell, to the dog days of Summer. I am already making plans for next year!