2 Weeks Later – Another Delayed Boston Race Report

Boston 2015 - the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 – the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 was a smashing success. Not time-wise, but definitely fun-wise. The atmosphere during this 2 year anniversary of the tragic events of the 117th Boston Marathon seemed to be more settled and jovial. Sad memories do linger and the devastation will never truly be forgotten, but people are moving on, including some of the victims that have gone though enough rehabilitation to actually run this year’s marathon.

This was year 6 for us and I went it to it quite under trained and still battling some long-lngering butt issues so I had no expectatios for the race or to be fast, but was hoping some good weather and sheer determination would get me to a 3:23, the magic number in my estimation to earn my right to return. Read more of this post


One Year Later – A Delayed Race Report

I haven’t blogged in well over a year, for reasons I may get into another time. But for now, here’s my 2014 Boston marathon Report.

This story is a big one. Not in the newsflash, stock market crash, another politician lies kind of trash. But big to me, and to the people who know myself or Danny. And it stems from such a small gesture, during a brief interaction which to me, is what makes it so big.


The must do for every year, pose by the expo entrance

The marathon is a beast in itself, anyone who has run one knows what I am saying. I’ve now run 36. The 36th time running a marathon may not seem like the beast that the first one is, but it’s still something big, and to me , each one has been significant. Boston 2014 was one for the books as it was the 1 year anniversary of the bombings and had a record number of participants. The city was unbelievably electric. The runners attending were wrought with emotions. Excited first timers, nervous and fretful runners who had been affected by the previous year’s tragic incidents, perhaps themselves having only barely avoided the bombs. And hundreds of thousands of spectators hoping to see a good, safe race. I, along with most, was as excited as ever.

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New Favourite Running Tune

Whenever I am training hard, and looking for some sort of musical motivation, there are many tunes that come to mind. One previous favourite was Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco. Running to the beat of it yields a 4:30 pace with a medium stride length, perfect for marathon pace training. This song however, seems to actually make me run faster, not even necessarily to the beat of it. I just find myself running faster. Read more of this post


Dark and Early Morning Runs

photo of an early morning runnerNow, with it being in the heart of winter, I am finally adjusting to the early mornings. The cold (and darkening mornings), seemed much worse back in November as is usually the case. By now,  I am able to flick on the tele, get an idea of the temperature and wind chill, and then dress accordingly. Then a light snack and head into the darkness. No problemo. At least it’s light by the time the generally hour long run is done. Read more of this post


Our Polar Bear Dip

On New Years Day, myself, the mrs, and about 15 members of the Beaches Runners Club ran a 9k race on the Beaches Boardwalk, in support of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club. Traditionally, after the run, many runners jump in the lake. This year, the 31st running of this event saw warm temps but cold rain. Nonetheless, a few of us went for the dip. Read more of this post


Sorry Ma’am this taxi is not for hire

Taxi Driver Image

I thought it was funny – I ran to work and stopped at a light this morning at Queen and Sherbourne. They we’re filming some movie, or TV episode and there was a lineup of taxis, painted typically to look like New York cabs, and had NY City Cab Co on the side. A lady walked up and peeked inside,  tugged on the handle and since no driver was inside, proceeded to the next one whereupon a crew dude ran over to her and said that they were being used for filming. She looked have embarrassed and half angry and strolled back to the main intersection. Of course, there were no real cabs in sight. Poor lass.


Born to Run … Again!

Polaroid Image of The Beaches RunnerWelcome to the Beaches Runner Blog. This is the successor to Running With Scissors.

So, here we are.

If you are interested, feel free to check out my old blog ‘Running With Scissors’ as I will leave it up for a while. It’s out dated but there are still some decent posts there, and some good information pertaining to running, particularly marathon training. If you search around you may actually find something useful.

With this blog, I plan to focus a little more on what readers want. Useful information, healthy food and lifestyle options for everyone, not just runners. As always, I will speak from experience as well as from input from you, the reader, so please, I encourage you to comment on any of the posts with any advice and information you may feel is fitting.

And finally, if there are any articles related to health,  fitness, road racing, trail running, running events, travel etc, by all means let me know and I will share what I know, or use my resources to find out what you’re after.

Best regards to you all!