Offspring – Cross Country Cam

Cam, 1st place in the XC Regionals

Cross Country regionals. 2nd race in a 3 race series. Read more of this post


I Beg Your Pardum – Boston 2011 Pt2

Did you read Pt 1 yet?

Boston Marathon - Mile 25I want a ‘do-over’!

OK, before you all get up in my grill about how I should be happy I ran well in Boston, please keep reading and let me have my whine. Then it will be over and we can move on.

So, I have a bit of a obsessive-compulsive way to prepare for a marathon which is why travelling to one makes it difficult, and travelling with a group makes it even more so. Read more of this post


Boston Apparel

Boston Marathon Race ShirtWhat to pack? Well that’s a great debate. But one thing for sure, is this singlet, I have had custom made for myself and a friend specifically for The Boston Marathon.

It looks fast, don’t ya think?


And Around The Bay We Go

2011 Around The Bay 30k Road Race

The coveted Silver Medal - awarded to sub 2:15 timesOne of the most coveted races, and most talked about, in Ontario is Hamilton’s ‘Around The Bay 30k Road Race’. For those of you who have run it, you know why. It seems no matter what the weather, rain or shine, hot (rare) or cold, people get something out of it and look forward to it year after year. Read more of this post


TO, not the only city with marathon issues

Mumbai Marathon

The Mumbai Marathon organisers, rejected the suggestion that the existing route of the Marathon on was a problem with security and public inconvenience, on the ground that it was not only too late to change the route, but also “running along the new route would showcase weaker parts of Mumbai”.

Read More a la


Our Polar Bear Dip

On New Years Day, myself, the mrs, and about 15 members of the Beaches Runners Club ran a 9k race on the Beaches Boardwalk, in support of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club. Traditionally, after the run, many runners jump in the lake. This year, the 31st running of this event saw warm temps but cold rain. Nonetheless, a few of us went for the dip. Read more of this post