New Favourite Running Tune

Whenever I am training hard, and looking for some sort of musical motivation, there are many tunes that come to mind. One previous favourite was Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco. Running to the beat of it yields a 4:30 pace with a medium stride length, perfect for marathon pace training. This song however, seems to actually make me run faster, not even necessarily to the beat of it. I just find myself running faster. Read more of this post


My Eclectic Playlist

music-note [ Graphic by Beaches Runner ]

What do you prefer for your running music? Do you go for motivational uplifting songs, driving beats to encourage leg turnover, or just some favourites that you enjoy listening to?

Myself, I am the latter of the three. I only run with headphones on solo runs and not necessarily all of them. I do like to listen to the sounds of the city, or nature, or just the rhythm of my own footsteps and breathing.  So when I do list to music, it is pretty carefully chosen. Actually, not each individual run has a selected playlist, just whats on my iPod is selected from my vast eclectic music library, then I shuffle through them for a while and occasionally remove or add songs as some become ‘less favourite’ after too many plays. Then there is new stuff that I have purchased that I will usually put on there to ensure I get a chance to listen to it.

Which brings me to this morning’s run. It reminded me of how nuts my music selection actually is. Just recapping the final batch of songs that played in random order will make anyone wonder what is wrong with me.

If anyone found my iPod, no matter who they are, I am sure they would find something on it to enjoy.

Here’s a selection from today’s shuffle…

  • Don Williams –  ‘If Hollywood Don’t Need You’
  • James – ‘Ten Below’
  • Bob Dylan – ‘Like a Rolling Stone’
  • Sneaker Pimps – ‘6 Underground’
  • Ramones – ‘Rock and Roll High School’
  • Toto – ‘Hold the Line’
  • Doves – ‘There Goes the Fear’

And people accuse me of listening to the same thing all of the time. Sheesh!

So, give me a sample of your playlist. Is it any different from what you would listen to while not running? I’m interested.