2 Weeks Later – Another Delayed Boston Race Report

Boston 2015 - the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 – the fabled stickered bib

Boston 2015 was a smashing success. Not time-wise, but definitely fun-wise. The atmosphere during this 2 year anniversary of the tragic events of the 117th Boston Marathon seemed to be more settled and jovial. Sad memories do linger and the devastation will never truly be forgotten, but people are moving on, including some of the victims that have gone though enough rehabilitation to actually run this year’s marathon.

This was year 6 for us and I went it to it quite under trained and still battling some long-lngering butt issues so I had no expectatios for the race or to be fast, but was hoping some good weather and sheer determination would get me to a 3:23, the magic number in my estimation to earn my right to return. Read more of this post


Some runs just work out in your favour

Running on the Leslie SpitSaturday night, our little ‘pick up – retro music band’ played an impromptu gig in Oshawa. Honestly, it was actually a planned show, but we considered impromptu because we didn’t promote it really. We are under rehearsed and felt compelled to NOT drag people out that far to see us hack our way through Read more of this post


Overcoming Adversity

parking ticketI have made a breakthrough.

Over the past few years, I have suffered royally when the eve of race day did not go as planned. Which it rarely does.

Last Saturday was full on as it usually is around BR Headquarters Read more of this post