Some runs just work out in your favour

Running on the Leslie SpitSaturday night, our little ‘pick up – retro music band’ played an impromptu gig in Oshawa. Honestly, it was actually a planned show, but we considered impromptu because we didn’t promote it really. We are under rehearsed and felt compelled to NOT drag people out that far to see us hack our way through 35 or so semi-tight renditions of 80’s alt-pop classics

So, as it turned out, the deal we made with the bar owner was to play until the bar closed. 2am! Then to add fuel to the fire, I was DD and had to drive from Oshawa to Downsview before heading home. Bedtime result: 3:30 AM. Goal for Sunday? 26km with 2nd half < Goal Marathon Race Pace (4:30/km).

As Instructor of the Running Room Clinic in the Beaches, I have an obligation to be there by 8:30 am and run with them. I am smart enough to know that would have been trouble. Plus, Cam had a hockey skating session to attend so I bailed. Sort of. I did make it out to the group run start at 8:30 and handed out printed directions of the route they were to run and sent them on their way, apologetic for not escorting them. Adults as they are, they sympathized with my plight and carried on their wayward runs. I got Cam off to hockey and afterward, managed to rest up a bit at home and scheduled my run for 6pm. I wasn’t able to really get a good nap in. It was inhibited with music from the night before storming through my head and an over-tiredness that wouldn’t let me deep sleep. I eventually succumbed to the fact I was going to have a rough run and maybe not even complete it.

Things went downhill from there. But that is a good thing. The first few kms of my route are downhill. The run itself was great! Daughter Sarah joined me in the first 5 km of my planned route and that helped. I felt really tired for the first bit but we eased into a good groove and by the time she turned back at 5 km I was thinking I could do this. By halfway, at the Lighthouse on the Leslie spit, I was grooving and feeling great. Much faster than I had thought or hoped. 1:07 for the first 13km. On the way back, I picked it up and hit my goal pace for the run and made it home, with the uphill, in exactly 1 hour. I was stoked. Tired, slightly sore, but very very happy. It was just one of those days where you get away with life. Maybe it was the coffe before the run, or the energy bar sample I received. Or the Jet Blackbeery Gu (gel) I consumed half way. Or maybe it was just my fitness. Ya, hopefully that was it. I was strong enough physically and mentally to accomplish what I wanted.

And U hope that carries out 2 weeks from today. Boston…bring it on.


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