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Dave Emilio - A Runners DiaryThe Fall Classic is commonly known as the World Series of Baseball. Sure, it’s the most exciting time of the year for that sport, but for us runners, we look at the Fall as the perfect time of year to run a marathon. Generally, it’s cooler when the races are held, and as long as the Summer is not too hot, we get all of our runs in without too much interruptions such as Christmas, Easter, and … Snow! Bring on the Runner’s Fall Classic, for us, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Date: Sunday October 16th.

It’s shaping up to be a big and busy summer in our world. Anita is planning on running her 3rd marathon and she is dedicated to running her fasted and getting her time down into the “4’s”. Her current PB is 5:03 but both her previous marathons were after injury plagued and low mileage training. This time she is devoting more time to running and cross training and I am coaching her along the way.

For me, I am aiming for a personal best as well. 8 minutes off my best time hopefully. I am training not just harder, but smarter. Sure, in the past, I have covered a lot of miles and put in some tough workouts, but this time, I am looking to incorporate more of the following, which have been neglected in previous training sessions;

  • Cross Training (Swimming, Cycling, Plyometrics)
  • Core Strngthening. Frequent, not just once every 2 weeks!
  • Better Eating. Not just the good stuff, but less of the bad.
  • Sleep. A lot more sleep!

For those who know me, accountability is always one of my ways of staying on track. But I usually deviate regardless, mainly because nobody has ever given me too much grief. Either that or I hide the fact I am going off track. Well this time, I am even more accountable as I have been chosen to write a weekly article for the Globe and Mail cronicling the final 16 weeks of my training program. This should be interesting as not only have I put my goal ‘out there’ but writining about it once a week will force me to constantly assess how I am doing. This should be, ahem, fun.

Read the 1st week’s article here;

Check out that article and the follow ups each week to see how things are going.

Along with this venture, our Running Club, The Toronto Beaches Runners Club is helping to organize and promote the Cheering Section for our area along the route of the marathon. This is also in part with the ‘Neighbourhood Challenge’ Several of us are also signed on as ‘Champions’ and will run the marathon in support of the Community Centre 55‘s ‘Hamper Program’

You can donate to our cause as we ‘run the marathon, so you don’t have to’.

Here are the Beach Champions Info & Donation Pages

Anita Emilio
Duff McLaren
Sari Lindvall
Keith Begley
Dave Emilio


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