Run For The Toad 50k Trail Race 2012

After a 5 week break from running, I got back out there and managed to get in 6 solid weeks of training. There was really no rush to get back to 1000% but I had been looking forward to ‘The Toad’ for the whole year and I also wanted a little redemption from my DNF at The Limberlost Challenge. So in that 6 week cycle, I got back  to 3 80k weeks and a few long-ish runs of 29, 36, 33 and went into race day far less fit than I would like to be, but confident that could get around the 12.5 k loop 4 times in about 5.5 hours.

I had hoped to convince a bunch of friends to enter this race but as it turned out, only a handful made the trek. I travelled with, of course, Mrs Beaches Runner and a couple of friends, Julie and my newest motivator, and speedster, Anthony. There were about a half dozen other runners from our club in attendance but I did not get much chance to chat with them. Most were doing the 25k race but there were 2 others also taking on the 50k distance.

The weather behaved and we made the drive from Toronto to Paris, ON early on the last Saturday of September. Traffic was troublesome with some early morning accidents and we thought we might not make it. I am sure we were not alone there. As it turns out, we got there in time and we’re off and running on schedule.

The day went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the trails and despite it being a harder race than most were used to, everyone was happy they went. Anthony ended up 2nd in his age group with a very fast time of  1h 47m.

I planned to run easy at the start and finish strong but alas the 25k runners who started 10 minutes after us 50k’ers caught me about half way through the first loop and I got pulled into speeding up with them and after one loop I was way ahead of schedule. I managed to settle down a bit and had a very enjoyable 3 loops. The fourth was a bit tougher and the hills seemed bigger and the 12.5k seemed more like 15, but there was never a dark point and I just battled through the fatigue. When the last couple of kms were upon me, I realized if I pushed to the end I could get in under 5 hours. And that I did, barely, in 4:59:30. All things considered, this was a successful race for me. That time, although far off of what I am capable of, still got me 10th of 23 in my age group and 36th overall. I hope to smash that next year!
























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