Return To The Obsession

Well folks, I tried something new. I tried not to care too much about running. I stopped blogging, I stopped logging my runs and I ran all summer with no plan, no training regimen, and no balls.

That’s right. If I didn’t feel like running, I didn’t run. If I only felt like running easy on a hard day, I ran easy. If I felt like running hard, I ran hard. Only on the rare group runs, did I run harder (or easier) that I felt. And¬†know what? I enjoyed the break. I enjoyed not always feeling beat up. I threw in some swimming, biking and a couple of Olympic distance triathlons (with a PB of 2:38:15). But there was something missing for a while, I missed the obsession. I missed the feeling like I was earning my way to a personal best marathon. I was devoid of the confidence that good workouts, ¬†consistent training and a regulated routine of eating and sleeping well all give me. Mentally and physically, it was a good reset but now I feel it is time to move back into ‘Eye of the Tiger’ mode.

In the end, my fall marathon was not a bust. With a time of 3:11:00 in Hamilton, I ran less than 3 minutes slower than my best time of 3:08 although it was a tougher go, a more painful finish and definitely a more painful recovery. High mileage if nothing else prepares you for the taxing, body mashing and mental pounding of a 26 mile race and you wake up the next day feeling a little less like a bus hit you. It’s a definite trade-off.

So now, I will reboot, rest this week with only short easy running and gradually bring it back up over the remaining November days. I will return to adding in strength training and proper diet and by December be back into full training mode. A 5 month foray into the world of a serious recreational runner, and a renewed attempt to break 3 hours for a marathon. Like I’ve said before, “Why? Because it’s there”

Follow along, and see how obsessed I can get this time over the next 5 1/2 months. It’s sure to be a crazy ride and I’d love to have you with me.



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Crazy mad runner, wanting to be fitter and faster but too busy to do it right. Still, I keep trying.

  • Paul Radcliffe

    Welcome back Dave. the “Eye of the Tiger” missed you