Project 370

What is Project 370? Run Every Day For 1 Year!
(updates – see below)

Why? Why not!? I guess, as George Mallory first said of Everest, “because it’s there”.

I have entitled this “Project 370” because I started the streak on December 29th + 1 year + New year’s Day 2013 = 370 days.

This won’t set me apart from the rest of the running world. There are thousands of runners out there with 5, 10, 25 years and even more of run-streaks going strong. As for the daily distance, the official Streak Runners of America state that 1 mile is the minimum, unaided by canes crutches etc.

July 11th – Starting over?

I am not officially starting over. I will run every day though, as long as I feel good and am enjoying it. I think it is hard to continue a run streak when you are throwing in 100km road races or 50+ km trail runs. I must admit it is also tough some days to find the time. I know we can always find 10 minutes to run a mile but often that means interrupting something else to do so. Some days are just that jam packed. That said, I’d like to beat my streak of 183 some day, and I’d like to attempt to run every day for a year, especially a calendar year. Just because :)

July 2nd – Day 187

My streak ended at 183 days. I probably could have made it through but I couldn’t risk it. I really want to heal up and run the Limberlost Challenge 56k Trail Ultra on July 14. So I took last Friday off. Lots of icing, hot baths, stretching, and the day off have paid off. I ran of Saturday, pretty much pain free. then on Sunday, I was rewarded with a pain free 12k of trails in the Limberlost Forest. Possibly one of the best running days ever! Now I have revamped Project 370 to salvage all that I have put into it. It is now a softer goal of fitting in 365 days of running into the 370 day period. This will allow a few more rest days if needed to get me through the busy Fall schedule of a possible 6 more marathons, Crazy I know, but that’s me. RUN MORE!

June 25th – Day 179

Is this the day? Will the Run Streak end today? Sadly, it my just be the case! I ran the Niagara Ultra 100km race on Saturday. I felt pretty good after the race. Sunday morning, I woke up sore and tired as hell, but figured I could muster up a short run. When we got home Sunday night, and I went to run, it was bad. A sore inner ankle meant I had to try to compensate by rolling my foot to the outside, but unfortunately an sore spot on the outer bottom of the same foot wouldn’t let that happen too easily. After a few minutes, I was reduced to a crawl. Kind of like a speed walk, hobble but I made it through 2.2 km. Today, the bottom of my foot is better, but my ankle is much worse! I am icing it off and on and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. It may be the right decision to ‘the end’ boo, sad face.
Full Niagara 100k Report will be posted soon.

June 19th – Day 173

It will be a series of short runs this week. 2-3k easy runs as I rest up for the 100k Niagara Ultra Marathon this weekend. That will mark day #177 of the Run Streak and Marathon #30 for me. Even with 6 of the days this week at the minimum 2-3k per run, I will still end up with a weekly mileage of 115km or so. That, of course, is assuming I will complete the whole 100 kilometres on Saturday! The kicker will be getting out there again on Sunday to continue the run streak. I may need a nudge.

June 10th – Day 164

51km yesterday, my longest run ever. It was prefaced with a 30km run on Saturday. Needless to say, that was my biggest 2-day total as well. Both long runs we done early, to ready myself for the 6am start coming up at Niagara’s 100km Ultra Marathon on June 23. Both days I was dumb enough to head out without sunscreen. Hey, it’s 6am – I just don’t think of things like that at 6am. need to make checklists!

So this need a 2nd week of 35k, and not it’s time to taper down for the Ultra Marathon. It will be almost double my longest run ever. And it will be tough. And I will finish.


May 30th – Day 154

The meat of the season ended with 2 bangs.  A PB at Goodlife (Toronto Marathon) of 3:16 and another PB, one week later at the Sporting Life 10k with a 1:20 minute improvement and a 39:20 time. I don’t know about you but I impressed myself! Then I had 2 weeks to get myself prepped for the Ottawa Marathon where I was the 3:45 Pace Bunny. I did not taper for this as I need to keep my mileage up for the upcoming 100km Ultra Marathon on June 23 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The day after Ottawa I ran 22km, the most I have ever run the day after a marathon. I will keep the longer runs up until Niagara with back to back 30-40km long runs over the next 3 weekend with a rest week before the big race. Of course, I will get out each day that week to keep the streak alive!

May 8th – Day 132

Last night, I ran. 2km. 13 minutes (and 54 seconds) and felt every step. I have had sore quads post marathon before but I guess the fact both Boston and Toronto were hilly, and only 3 weeks apart, I really felt it this time. I have done the 2 races that close together before but previously, I was the 3:40 pace bunny. At a 3:16 marathon pace, it leaves more of a dent I am now feeling. Today won’t feel that much better but the plan is still on. More than a third of the way now!

April 30 – Day 124

Wow – 124 days now. I was wondering how I’d feel at this point. Surprisingly, better than I even hoped. It is not a chore to make sure I get in my daily run. Actually, I look forward to it still. Maybe more than ever. The difficulty is in our busy schedules, some days it is tough. But all I need to do to combat that is get up early enough to run, even a short one. The next difficult task is going to be this week, resting enough for the Toronto Marathon on Sunday and still running daily. I figure, this may be the week where I fall back on the ‘Official Minimum’ of 1 mile to keep the streak alive. Down the road, the most interesting day will be Sunday June 24, which is the day after Niagara On The Lake 100k! Ouch.

April 20 – Day 114

I haven’t yet run today but I will do a treadmill / gym workout at lunch. Post Boston Marathon running has been pretty good. You may have heard of this race, and the hot weather we had to run through. It was a hell of a day but we all made it through, albeit much slower than we’d like to. I will definitely have to get around to writing about it while it is fresh in my mind.

April 10 – Day 103

Day 103 – It’s taper time! The runs are going to be short until next week in order to rest up for and recover for the big day in Boston. I have yet to run today but will run with little Cam tonight. I hate the treadmill. Even on 3km yesterday on the treadmill was nightmarish. I managed to get through it by pushing hard. I believe the best way to taper is to reduce mileage while still keeping the pace up – at least on every other run. Of course, sleep and rest are key too which I have done. On the weekend, day 100, the ‘Century’ was spent with family as Cam, Anita and I ran the Goof Friday Road Races (5k) in Burlington. I paced Cam, sort of, he went ahead and ran to his 5k PB – 19:44 which on a hilly route and early in the season is a good sign.  Day 102 was an awesome 16km run from Brickworks through the ‘Beltline‘ loop and back. So lovely. You should have been there!

April 5 – Day 104

Yesterday, Day 98, was a tough one. An evening run –  the usual Wednesday ‘Workout’ with the boys. We did 10 x 1000m avg 3:45 per interval with 2 minute rests and 2km warm up and cool down. This is about as hard a workout as we’ll do. Very confidence building! Today is day 99. I am going to have to fit in a run at lunch. Sleep in this morning was nice, and necessary.

April 4 – Day 98

For those keeping score at home, there are 366 days in 2012 as it is a ‘Leap Year’ so, ya, no making fun of my math!

April 3 – Day 97

It took me until today to finally make this official. Running every day this year was my main goal. Then, our traditional 9km “Hair o’ the Dog” race in the Beaches of Toronto. That will be day #370 and I will then take a complete day off OR decide if I want to continue the streak. I don’t want to get caught up in a lifetime of running with the flu, or on sore or injured body parts. If I can do one year, that will make me happy.

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  • Anita Emilio

    I can tell you nay sayers that he has gotten out the door with a jump in his step every one of those days. I used to think that as runners, rest days were mandatory, I now believe that easy days are better and running more has netted Dave great results.
    I don’t know whether I will ever run every day but Dave has always believed in run more for me so I am trying it!

  • theNuno

    great work Dave. 95 days and 1,421 km’s behind you.

  • Sven Walther

    Dave, impressive! Sorry to have missed you at Ottawa Race Weekend. Great to see the streak alive! Have a great time in Niagara. I’m planning my first ultra for this year as well. Maybe I’ll see you at a race in the future…