Toronto Goodlife Marathon 2012 – 28th Time’s A Charm

Here’s how Marathon #28 went down…

Goodlife Toronto Marathon Home StretchThe Toronto Goodlife Marathon came only 3 weeks after a fairly disastrous Boston Marathon where we battled 90 degree temperatures. My decision during that race to slow down and save what I could for Goodlife actually paid off somewhat. Was it all worth it? I think so…

We all have our own reasons why our capabilities are not met in full for whatever reasons and instead of excusing myself for not realizing my top performance in the marathon, I will simply say, that on this day, I ran the best race I think I could have.

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My Own Duel In The Sun

The Heat was onBy now, most of the world is aware that The 2012 Boston Marathon was one for the record books. Highs of 30+ degrees Celsius its toll on all of us that day. My training companions and I dreaded the forecasts the week prior and in the end, we threw our goals out the window and ran smart. On race day the plan was to run for the experience and a not make it a day of personal bests. Except,  Nir, the strongest hot day runner I know, who was close to his PB with a very impressive 3:16! I am glad Nir survived to tell the tale because lord knows, had I tried to tough it out like that, I may have crossed the finish line, but it would have been in a golf cart like I saw several dudes…with a respirator attached…or worse. Read more of this post

Welcome To Hopkinton Have A Nice Race

4 days away. Boston looms. It is controlling me, occupying a great deal of head space and invading my sleep. Before we know it, the weekend will be long over and I will be mourning the disappointment of not performing as well as expected, or riding the high after a stellar performance. Hopefully, the latter! Read more of this post

My Running Streak – Project 370

Project 370 began at the end of December last year. It is my goal to ‘Streak’ for one year.

So with the few days from 2011 when I started the streak, plus all of 2012 and finishing off with our traditional New years Day race at the Beach, it all adds up to 370!

Will I take a break after that?

You can read all about it, and follow along with my weekly updates on Project 370 Journal.

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Running Log powered by RunningAHEAD

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Training & Racing Update – It’s Taper Time!

Only 2 weeks until Boston! there’s time for a few more hard workouts, but mainly, it’s time to get some rest and some energy stored up in these tired legs. Actually, I don’t even feel that tired. But I will do it because I know I need it to perform my best in Boston.

I topped out with an almost 130km week (129!) My highest week ever. My average weekly mileage for the past 2 months has been a little over 100km with highest weeks of 129, 120, 118, 114, 114, 112 and down weeks of 90-105. Read more of this post

New Shoes – Brooks PureConnect

A shoe review, as my first post in a while? Yep – life has been strange and completely chaotic lately. Writing seems to take a backseat when it is as such.

Now, Inspiration usually causes me to write and so when i strapped these puppies on this morning I thought for sure I had to share the news and views.

Simply put, the early feedback, is that this shoe rocks. If you like minimalist shoes, a low heel to toe drop (4mm) and overall comfort, low weight all the while feeling like you actually have a shoe on…this one is for you. Read more of this post

Timex Run Trainer GPS Review

I haven’t reviewed a watch for a while. Not since the Garmin 610 which has been my go to watch for the last half a year. My friend Dan got a hold of a Timex IronMan Run Trainer GPS for me to try out for a while. I have had the chance to take it for several runs now, some short, some long, some in the day and some in the dark. Now, I have enough info to go on and may even recommend this watch for you.

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The Beaches of Punta Cana

Running when on holidays is tough. For one, who want’s to run in 30°+  heat? OK, you can get up early enough to run in the pre-dawn 25° but then again, who wants to get up at 5:30 to run at 6am when you are on vacation? Me! Read more of this post

Holiday Running and Racing Recap

I never did get around to writing this (in a timely manner that is). I jut logged on to get started on a Race Report for the Chilly Half Marathon when I realized I had a draft started about my holiday run-escapades.

As it turned out, the holiday season was another one of sneaking in runs when I could which was most days but I did miss Christmas day this year. Last year daughter Sarah and I has a lovely 6km run down to the beach and back and we planned on repeating that this year but it was too tough to do after the huge breakfast we ate!

Boxing Day was my first time attending the famous and historic Boxing Day 10 miler. It is a well run event in Hamilton, rich in tradition and it did not disappoint. We blessed with glorious weather and despite the lack of fitness going into it, I managed a decent time of 1:12 and seconds (which I’ve forgotten).

New Years Day saw us once again toeing the line at the Beaches Hair of the dog 9k run and Polar Bear dip. We were again greeted by decent weather which made for a good run (38 mins) and a bearable temperature for the Polar bear dip on lake Ontario that followed the run.

This race had a good turnout from our Beaches Runners Club members and the post race spread of Chili, salad, sweets is always well done. This low-key event in Toronto’s gorgeous Beaches is one of my all time favorites. I definitely recommend you join us next year.

One other interesting note about the holidays is that, as it followed a 3-week rest period of barely any running, it also kicked off my current running daily streak that has me on day 68 and feeling great! I hope to manage a daily run for the entirety of 2012 with 3k being the minimum length. For official reasons, a run must be a minimum of 1 mile according to the official streaking run community. I just chose 3k as a nice decent length to call a run. Let’s see how I go, and how I do when battling. Cold, flu or worse, injury (gulp).

An don’t worry, my ‘streaking’ does not entail any naked running!


Oh, and Chilly Half Marathon Race Report coming soon….

Boston: I Owe You A Qualifying Time

In 6 weeks, I will be running in the 116th Boston Marathon. This will be the 3rd time I will make my way to this, the `Holy Grail` of recreational, and even elite marathoners. This time will though, and for a reason that I do not talk about much. I owe this prestigious event a proper qualifying time.

What possibly could I be talking about?

Well, you surely know that it is not the easiest event to get into.

For me, there’s more to it than that…
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