Overcoming Adversity

parking ticketI have made a breakthrough.

Over the past few years, I have suffered royally when the eve of race day did not go as planned. Which it rarely does.

Last Saturday was full on as it usually is around BR Headquarters and to make Race-Eve more exciting, I had tickets for Cam and I to attend the Rock Show of the year. Supercross! (Supercross is Indoor Motocross…oh, motocross is .. well Google it) Supercross live, as opposed to on TV, is like a rock show. No, it is not Monster Trucks, it is fast, rugged dirty motorcycle racing with gutsy super fit athletic riders, a terribly under-rated sport but I won’t go into it further.

Anyway, I figured Supercross wouldn’t go too late and it didn’t. 10:30 was the time the final race ended. Looks like my pre-race rest up may not be too bad especially since it was not quite an ‘A’ race. I would probably have passed up if it were the night before a goal marathon, like Boston or a Boston Qualifying effort. We made the mistake of staying seated right until the end and even though we jumped up to leave, but, so did everyone else. Much like when the captain turns off the seatbelt sign at the airport gate. No matter how fast you get up, you have to wait for the others ahead of you. We then headed to get to the rest-room on the way out putting us even further back in the 45,000 people wanting to get out.

By the time we got to the garage where we parked, it was almost 11:00. By the time we actually found our car (same entrance for 2 separate parking lots -which one was ours???) it was 11:10. Then, after paying, and lining up, we got to the exit gate at 11:20…and my gd ticket didn’t work! The machine read out, “Thank You, Goodbye” but the gate did not rise. Sadness! I buzzed the Help Button and pulled aside. When Joe Security arrived, he was very uninterested in my story citing that  I hadn’t actually paid [ “Show me your receipt” ] and wouldn’t you know it, I declined the receipt option when putting CASH in the check out machine. Grrr, despite my whining, which fell upon deaf ears [ ‘This happens a lot and our Supervisor is coming down hard on us for letting people out’ ] I had to get another ticket and fork up another 15 bones. Yes, I thought of driving close to a car in front and sneaking under the bar while they drove through but that would have been a bad influence on Cam … am I right?

So, it’s 11:30 now and we’re stuck in traffic. Downtown on a Saturday night is nuts even when there is no sporting event. That night, we had the  Raptors, Toronto FC and Supercross. Egad. So, home after Midnight, and distraught over the time and the fact I had to pay for parking twice. We’d already had back luck that day as we parked at the Race Expo in Hamilton and got a $35 ticket after paying the allotted $5 and not perfectly displaying the ticket on the dash. Yes, the ticket was twisted, but a resourcefull attendant could have leaned in and seen it was valid.

What was done was done and I took a few minutes to collect myself, and instead of trying to rush to sleep, I calmed myself by reading for a few minutes, finally, lights out at 12:30 and relaxed. When I woke up tired, I accepted it and did my best to ignore it and let the day play out without fretting. My morning tweet was, ‘Suck it up’ and that was my race mantra. A healthy breakfast, a couple of coffees and a relaxed state of mind got me to the start line and I proceeded to run as well as I’d hoped, feeling better than I thought I would.

Mentally, I am getting stronger, which is crucial for racing. Here’s hoping that this year in Boston,  I don’t have the same episode as last year when some guy argued on his cell phone outside my window until 1:30 AM. If it does though, I will be fine.

I have learned to suck it up!


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