Ottawa Marathon – The Short Story

What can I say about marathon #29, and the 3rd of the year. I was the 3:45 Pace Bunny. I did not really taper for this event to make it feel more difficult, on purpose, in order to maintain training value for the 100k Ultra Marathon in Niagara-On-The-Lake on June 23.

That’s about is. Yes, I made my time 3:49:25. This was not the ‘closest’ to goal bunny time ever but it was a good run with some great people alongside, making their goal times. Some had Personal Bests, some made their Boston Qualifying times and a few others were really close on what turned out to be a fairly hot finish.

In other news, the weekend for Ottawa was a success, with record numbers and great race results – of which you can read more about here – and the city was alive and receptive to the influx of visitors as usual. It is always a good time and we always seem to have a good contingent of Beaches Runners there to share the good times with. This was the 7th time in 7 years that we’ve made it there for the marathon weekend and if all goes as planned, we will be there again next year.


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