No Fear Of The Dark

A short while ago I was privy to receive a kit from Energizer* that included a few treats to enjoy and review. It was in this post here, that I told you about one of 2 cool headlights I received and tested. I was impressed and looked forward to trying them out on some trails for real. The other headlight is not quite as powerful or feature rich, but is a fair bit lighter and less cumbersome without the external battery pack. Either one would be suitable for trail runner, night hiking, cycling etc.

The PRO 4 headlight is the other headlight I tried. So far, I have used it on one bike ride and it was quite bright and efficient. It fit over my helmet well and it is also comfortable worn straight on my head.



2 Light modes – night vision, spot
28 lumens

21 hours runtime

Pivoting headlight to point light where needed

Adjustable head strap

Push button switch

I have not been able to try these on a fully darkened trail but I am dying to! Soon hopefully. I did however make great use of it when I was trying to get my bike out of the dark storage shed, hands free!

And in a timely coincidence, I also receive a mini LED Flashlight and enough batteries to use it for a while. This is timely because as I recently built a new shed for the back yard, for storage and stuff it is not wired and a new flashlight to look for things in the dark was very welcome. It is amazing how much light the new LED Flashlights offer and the LED lights last for ages. I know this for fact as I had already purchased one of these beauties over a year and it is still going strong, original batteries, original lights.


Bright white LED delivers 11 lumens and 16 hours of run time

Non-slip textured handle with built in stand for hands free use

Large push button switch for use with gloves

Shatterproof lens

This compact unit is no beast and not meant for lighting up an entire room, but for small tasks, it certainly does it’s job.
And of course, I received a plethora of batteries, including a four-pack rechargeable set have proven to be a wonderful addition to our household. Cam’s X-Box game controllers use AA’s and we have bought many Energizer AA jumbo packs. Rechargeable batteries have alleviated the need for buying more and makes me wonder why we haven’t been using them all this time!

I am sure the supply of batteries Energizer was kind enough to send me will get used but when they’re done, I am sure I will add a couple more rechargeable sets to our arsenal. It seems well worth it.

I am quite happy Energizer came along when they did. Thanks to Chief Bunny Officer EB for allowing me to test this stuff out and share with my readers!


* I have been provided with free Energizer products to permit me to review 
them. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Energizer Canada Inc.



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