New Watch – Garmin 610


It was time for a new watch. Yes, the old Garmin 305 is still functioning, but it is showing signs of no-life and I want to be ready. And yes, I like to be the first on the block with new toys. After my brief stint with the Nike+ GPS Watch, which I adored the look of, and feel, but not the characteristics – and wrote about – I waited patiently for the release of this newer Garmin model and jumped on it, in time before my Clinic Instructor discount ran out. So the $399 price tag was a more manageable $320. Still a hefty price tag I know and I owe my better half some extra chores this summer for sure.

What are the technical details of this watch? So many, and why would I mention them all when someone already has? DC-Rainmaker, an excellent blogger whom has reviewed almost every running watch ever made, did a good in depth review on the Garmin 610 here. Here is the 2nd workout with this watch. An 8k run where Cam dragged me along. It was my 2nd run of the day and I had to put some effort into it when he decided to pick it up at the end.

The online training site is very cool and only owners of newer Garmin models can use it. I have been wanting to use this and I finally can.

Will this watch make me faster? No, of course not. No, maybe it will. Some purists will say throw away the watches, but I like to use them as training partners and if I work hard because I am focuses on certain workouts and meeting training goals, the theoretically I will get faster. So there. It’s worth it!

I will do a follow up after a few weeks of use.


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    Some feedback on the forums has been that of GPS signals being off. I have had nothing but success over my few runs. I do have the firmware updated (2.20)

    I may wear this and my old 305 and compare on my next run.