New Favourite Running Tune

Whenever I am training hard, and looking for some sort of musical motivation, there are many tunes that come to mind. One previous favourite was Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco. Running to the beat of it yields a 4:30 pace with a medium stride length, perfect for marathon pace training. This song however, seems to actually make me run faster, not even necessarily to the beat of it. I just find myself running faster.

Racing with music which I rarely do (in fact, of about 75 races, I’ve worn my iPod exactly 3 times) has never worked that well as I tend to get distracted by the music. However, this song when it came up randomly during last November’s Hamilton Half Marathon, worked quite well. So well in fact that I replayed it 3 times in a row over the final few kms of the race. How disappointed was I when, I restarted it right at the last km (1.1 to go) of the race only to have it fade out and into something not so upbeat, and the finish line not even in sight yet. (Yes, that was a re-statement of how upset I am that they measured the course wrong this year!)

The version on my iPod is actually 4mins 45secs, with the extra time being an extension of the instrumental part near the end, which has a great groove.

Anyway, have a listen:


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