Movember 2012

With only a couple of days left, I thought I would break my no blogging streak and recap Movember so far.

I have been diligent with keeping my Mo-Space updated with some of my favourite and more famous Mo’s.

I did not (yet) reach my goal which was to beat last year’s fundraising of $3550.00. Not even close. Maybe the economy is down, or more Mo participants spreading out the funds across more people, or maybe I was less pesky! Anyway, I may hit $200 which is not too bad and should put me atop the Flight Centre Team.

To check out my Mo Space (and donate!) – click  here

Or just view my synopsis of my daily (almost) updates. If you were following along, i hope you enjoyed it. If you donated, know that I, and we, all, appreciate it! Thanks to all!

And here you go, my Mo’s of the day, in reverse order…

It’s Alive!

Gene Wilder as Young Frankenstein!


The Hulkster – Hulk Hogan This is a very formidable and recognizable ‘stache.

The Hulk has sported this look for as long as I can remember.


With 4 Days left, it is time for Nacho to make his appearance.

Nacho Libre! (Jack Black)


Last week. Thanks to all who have donated so far. I hope to catch a few more before we close this Mo-nth out!

A little fun on a humdrum Monday Good ol’ Yosemite Sam!


A real mo himself. Borat – ’nuff said!


Rod Dixon and Pre I was going to post a pic of Kiwi Rod Dixon, winner of the 1983 NYC Marathon, but when I found this pic,

I realized Steve Prefontaine gets a 2nd shot.

So you get 2 Moes in one!


As suggested by my first donor this year – Jason R A great Canadian – and longtime Mo sporting man … Burton Cummings!


Sonny Bono! By request from my sis in LA


No mo-run is complete without the greatest runner of all time. Steve Prefontaine! His short life was riddled with American Running Records and his moustache that adorned his intense and often smiling face.


Part 2 Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya AKA Mandy Patinkin Claaaaassssssic!


Princess Bride Pt 1 – Carey Elway Because this is such a great movie – it gets 2 Moes of the day…who’s next?


The ever so creepy Salvador Dali A moustache for the ages!


Who doesn’t love a good news anchorman type Mo?! So here is the top anchorman in my books Will Farrel and Ron Burgundy.


007, The Big Tam – Sir Thomas Sean Connery More often seen with a full beard and not just a Mo, he does occasionally go Mo for show.


Sam Elliot. Now this dude has a seriously great Mo. You don’t even realize he has it after a while because it suits him so much!


Freddie Mercury If there were a job posting and the requirements were; Must be a charismatic, powerful singer with a schmaltzy ‘stache, then Freddie would be a shoe in for the role. rip Mr M!


Ya gotta remember Burt as the Bandit! Classic Hollywood! Ok Burt has sported this stache since the 70s.


He’s my dad. 80 and still going strong!

He has sported an moustache, like the one seen here for over 50 years – with only as couple of short breaks.

As far as the Mo goes – he’s the king!


Day 7 – Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) Classic Rocker ‘Stache


Daniel Craig. Just because A. He’s cool and B.

He supports Movember in a classy ‘stache!


Another Hero – Tim Thomas! Great Goalie – Great Mask promoting Movember from last year.


Moustache of the Day – Magnum P.I. Day 2 He has sported this ‘stache, with very little variation for the past 35 years.

A classic – Tom Selleck


Day 1 A hero of mine – Bob Marley. Who met his own fate, not from Prostate Cancer, but Cancer of another kind.

So young too. RIP Rastaman!


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