Marathon Weekend: Mississauga vs Toronto

Here is an article that ran this week in the Thursday Star and online…
You may notice I was quoted in it.–competing-marathons-this-sunday-mean-drop-in-participants

I had a nice chat with the Stars Urban Affairs writer, Patty Winsa. Obviously there is a lot more that could be discussed here and it seems to be of most popular concern that Goodlife and Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathons should have merged into one large Fall Marathon. Too late for that now. It’s unfortunate because the press surrounding marathons in our GTA is more often negative than positive despite the many positives.

I am very curious to see what the actual numbers are next week. I plan to compare actual runners completing the events with those of last years. I have a feeling both will be way down.

What are your thoughts?

FYI, I am running the Goodlife Toronto event as a 3:40 Pace Bunny


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  • Heather

    It’s ridiculous that the are on the same day. I hear next year they are a week apart. But that is still 2 Toronto area Marathons in May plus Ottawa Race weekend. Crazy. I’m running Mississauga simply because I live there and choose to support the local race. It doesn’t hurt either that I can walk home from the finish.

  • http://Www.myrunshorts.con Runshorts

    Saw your name in print this am – thought it was a good article. I do think the two combined will exceed Missi last year. Ottawa’s numbers seem to be up. I am curious about those Missi numbers and the secrecy.

    I’ll cheer you in from the SE corner of queen’s park.

  • JD


    Thanks for the pacing on Sunday! You’re like a clock.

    As for the multiple-marathon mess, it’s all Scotia’s fault!!!