LimberLost Summer

After what was more or less my best spring of running ever and a Summer that was going strong and a great outlook to the rest of the year, my running came to a complete stop. Plans to continue my running streak ended at day 183 with an ankle that needed a couple of days off after the 100k Ultra in June. I was feeling better and healed up – ready to run the Limberlost Challenge 56K Trail Race in July….until…

Ugh, injury! It was the Limberlost Challenge that did me in. My favourite place to run, The Limberlost Forest, challenged me for sure and I met it with a few fails. The first, being a tree root a few kms before the end of the first 14k loop. I flew, and landed, with my handheld bottle as support and the lid popped off spraying sweet, sticky sports drink straight into my eyes.

I recovered and made it to the end of loop 1 of four, changed shirts, quickly washed up and headed back out for loop 2. It had already heated up to 30+ degrees and even in the lovely shade, it was a struggle but the joy of running these trails was enough to make it worthwhile. Until the rock. It came at a point where the trail was open, fast yet littered with roots and rocks. One must be prepared and aware of each step. I eyed the upcoming section of trail and ended up misjudging the rock ahead, thinking I could step on it and over. It was a touch further away than I thought and I stepped into it, bending my foot back towards my shin and nearly coming to a complete stop. There was no real pain at first but within 10 minutes, I knew something had happened.

As I neared the end op loop 2, I was favouring it, and with it being close to the daily high of 35, I was considering a DNF. By the time I got to the start-finish, 28km into the race, I knew stopping was the right thing to do, and called it a day. Good thing too because judging by the way it felt 30 minutes after calling it quits (quitting is forever like they say by the way), I would have been stuck out on the trail for loop 3. Marathon #31 was not to be.

So the rest of July was spent resting. After a couple of attempts to return to running I took some more time off and was finally able to return to the roads after 4 full weeks off. It has been 3 weeks since that and I am still not even close to the form I was in earlier this year, but that is to be expected. To make matters worse, I also got caught up in the streetcar tracks while commuting home from work, and at high speed, went down on my shoulder. So the swimming and biking cross training had to be put on hold too. It’s been a month since the fall and my shoulder is still hurting – Physio Therapist says it will be the better part of a year before the shoulder is back to normal!

So my fall race goals have been dropped and or adjusted but I would still like to run the 50 Run For The Toad Trail Race at the end of September, and perhaps the Scotiabank Half Marathon, then the Hamilton Marathon, just as maintenance for training leading up to Boston 2013.

It was a real downer to be forced to the sidelines but I know it could have been worse – especially the bike injury. People said it was my body telling me to rest. I call bullshit. The injuries were accidents, not wear and tear and I could have handled continuing on. In fact, I feel the worst I have in years so don’t tell me time off is necessary.

I am on my way back, and looking forward to catching up to where I was in the Spring, and perhaps, setting some more personal bests next year.

I am not through yet.


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