Let’s Dwell on Boston Shall We?

It’s the end of an era? Maybe. It will definitely be tough to re qualify for me and my running mates. Not impossible, but harder. Perhaps the challenge is what we need to step it up to the next level. Why do we need to? Because a ‘semi-unachievable’ goal is a great motivator. Why do we need to achieve this goal?

Because we’re runners. If you run, you know why. If you don’t, you at least have a bit of understanding.

Nonetheless, we all must assess our goals, whether the new standards change them or not. Last night, at  the Marathon Clinic which I instruct, I told the group not to let this discourage them. Everyone gasped, ‘of course it does’. Well, I didn’t mean just Boston. Yes it is discouraging for those trying to get to the level necessary to qualify for Boston and now the cheese has been moved, the dangling carrot raised. But what I truly meant, was not to be discouraged from Marathon Running in general. There are plenty of other goals and reasons to train. Boston is not the end all be all marathon and there are many other races and milestones to look forward to.

One fact, on the positive side is that with the new standards being so tough, many people can ‘not qualify’ and not feel bad about it anymore knowing that the ones who will qualify are serious, hardcore runners and there should be no shame in not being in that category.

There are plenty of websites out there, explaining the changes. If you are unfamiliar with them, click here to view the new Boston marathon Qualifying standards.

I’d love to know how you feel, what you think. Please share your thoughts / comments here.


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  • Heather Vardy

    Perhaps a better way to handle the Boston issue would have been to implement a rule about the number of times you can run the race consecutively. How about a rule that states that you can’t run it 2 years consecutively. That would give more runners the opportunity to get to experience Boston, instead of the same “elites” running it every year.

  • http://www.myrunshorts.com Runshorts

    I’m okay with the changes, if I can’t run I’d rather it be because those who get in are faster runners not just faster form fillers. The rolling entry adds a element of unpredictability that can be tough for some, but after a year or two the true cut-off to run will emerge (my guess is wave 2 or 3) and everyone will have a better sense if their time just qualifies or will actually get them in.

  • http://robinandamelia.blogspot.com/ Robin Brunet

    “A semi-achievable goal is a great motivator”, well said! I think the changes are good. It may prevent me from qualifying…but maybe not. Maybe it’ll be the motivation I need to try just a little harder. I think the fastest runners should get in first, absolutely!