I Beg Your Pardum – Boston 2011 Pt1

I have Marathon Post Pardum Depression. Just slightly, but it’s there. I’ll get over it. It’s actually a good thing because it makes me look forward to the next one.

The Boston marathon is an awesome race. There is no if and or buts about that. Great city, great people, great event. A pure joy to be a part of. Couple that with travelling with loved ones and great friends and you have the recipe for a stupendous weekend. Which it was.

But the race itself, was a bit of a letdown on a personal level. More on that later.

Everything leading up to the race was great and went off pretty much as planned. There are a few things I will change in future visits to Boston in regards to marathon preparation. More on that in a moment as well.

The flight there was good, on a small AA jet and so quick there was hardly time to get through the in flight drink service. As soon as we arrived, we were feeling the electricity of the weekend. Loads of people on our flight, and at the airport were all headed for the big race and everyone seemed so upbeat and happy to be there. As they should be.

Our hotel, the Sheraton, was attached to the Race Expo and near the finish line which was so nice. We hit the expo, which was ridiculously crowded and elbow to elbow for a while but it thinned out a bit as we were there towards the end of the day. We were a little more frivolous this year and I picked up this year’s jacket, which I like so much better that I will actually wear it this year. Last year’s gaudy blue and gold number got a grand total of one wearing. I also added a cap, toque, running shirt and the new Nike GPS watch. The watch is nice, comfortable, looks great, but is dramatically out performed by a Garmin. Any Garmin. I have already sent 4 request for future firmware updates. I may report more on this in a future blog post.

Saturday night, we met with 40+ other Canadians, runners and spouses alike, for a group dinner in a nice Italian restaurant in the cool waterfront area. This reminds me, I still owe Boston Bob $155 for Sarah, Anita and I!

Sunday morning, the 3rd running of the BAA 5k race. Last year, daughter Sarah ran a 19:55 and finished 3rd in the 15-19 age group. This year, she topped that with a 19:09 and 1st in her division despite suffering a crowded start and struggling to fin room to run the first mile. Proud dad here if you can imagine!

The infamous All Canada Boston Tea Party Brunch followed that. The food was great and the crowded restaurant enjoyed the event, especially the appearance and chance to meet and speak with 2 time Boston winner, Uta Pipig. Her advice to Sarah? Strong Core! We should all take that advice.

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  • http://www.heartratemonitoradvisor.com/ William

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the race. I agree with you about the Nike watch. The Garmin 305 and 405cx really outperform it, hands down.