How To Hide From The City For 5 Hours

Yes folks, here it is, another installment for the “How To Series”

Last weekend, I completed my longest run yet. 51k actually. And it spanned 5 and a half hours! Mind you, a good 15 minutes of that was spent idle, for either  a washroom break, a stop to admire the views and snap a photo,  or a pop into a convenience store for a replenishment of supplies. In total, the run time was 5:15 minutes, for an average of 6:08 per km. Not super fast, but it was hot and it was the day after a 30k run. Hopefully, for the 100km race coming up, the fact I will be rested up, will make the distance a bit more bearable because at double the length of the run, I could not have gone another 49k on Sunday!

The run itself was enjoyable for the most part (the last 5km were tough, but never that point of struggling, wishing it were over) and I found some great new running roads, paths, trails and vistas. Have a look below at some of the nice photos taken along the way. I manage to stay south of Kingston Road and remain close to the waterline for a good portion of the route. I had not pre-planned this route but I knew from some experience and some brief Google Mapping, that there was a way to run close to the waterline and away from the main roads. It also proved to be nice and shady in the early hours before the sun got up above the tree line. Then, for the 2nd half of the run, I was toasted. Literally. Stupid of me to head out without sunscreen, nor a proper hat. I wore a visor which kept the sun and sweat out – of my eyes, but not off my head. At 6am, I am just not astute enough to remember sun protection, forgetting as well that I would not be done a run this long until midday! I need to pre-plan better!

The route worked out well. I saw many new roads and some nice albeit short trails to break up the run. The trail portions were a bit tougher and tired me out somewhat. All part of the training though…I hope!

I also ventured along Old Kingston Road and discovered Morningside Park and Highland Creek. An area very much like Taylor Creek Park and Sunnybrook / Edward’s Gardens. That was the furthest point of my route, about 27km out. I took a slightly shorter route home, about 24k leaving out a couple of loops from the out portion.

the most interesting point, was a new park I found, near Guildwood, called The Guild. I stopped to take a few photos of, what seems to be, remains from city of Toronto buildings of yore. One set of Pillars even bears the imprint of the address from where it originated. 60 King Street West. Really cool, and a lot of nice gardens here too, much like Rosetta McLean Park.


It’s amazing what you will discover when you venture into the unknown. I have found some great new routes that although, not too close to home, can be utilized on longer runs. Perhaps I shall cycle this route one day to ‘see it’ in a less fatigued state.

I hope you enjoy the photos. See you out there!



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