Hill Training Returns with a non-bang!

It's all uphill from hereI usually like hills, hill training, and stairs. It’s not a real love, like, the way you love ice cream or your children (sometimes) but more of a ‘love the burn’ kind of thing. The benefits of hill training are so good that I usually just do it knowing how rewarding it is in the long run. Today, my mind lost the battle.

Not this morning. I actually looked forward to the run. I got to bed reasonably early and awoke with no issues and met up with Geoff, the only one of our usual groupies that showed for hills this fine ‘brisk’ morning. We hit the hills and within 1 hill, one of our usual trips up Willow Ave, a 400m fairly steep climb, Geoff was about 100m ahead. This is not like me, I am a hill climber! Geoff is generally faster than me so it’s no shame to fall behind but the killer was how hard it was and how crap I felt just to keep going. The pace comparatively was well slower than we usually run when we tackle these hills. But it felt like hell and I felt like I weighed 100 lbs more than I do. So weird. So discouraging.


I hope, hope hope, that the cold weather was the factor. Anita says I need a day off or more sleep or both. She may be right. Damn her! Perhaps, The Arizona Marathon of 2 weeks ago is still a factor. I would normally feel recovered by now but I am getting older.

It’s too soon to worry so much. 2 bad runs in a row surely is not a sign that I am losing it.



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