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Having instructed or co-instructed many clinics at the Running Room, I have had the opportunity to see several nutritionists tell their tale of right and wrong. There are many ways to look at nutrition when it comes to training to do your best. Tara Postnikoff of HEAL Nutrition (Healthy Eating Active Living) is sometimes seen as a tough cookie. But Tara tells it like it is. Eat as well as possible if you want to do your best. Slack off in any one area and you are not going to slim down, prepare for hard workouts, or recover from runs properly.

So, when I wrote this week’s Globe and Mail training diary, “Nutrition is not to be taken lightly” I had to give her props. I have at time followed her advice closely and seen the benefits. Maybe not quite 100% but I know that if I did, I’d be further ahead.

Tara mentioned the Globe article on her website too. If you have never ventured that way you can find it here.

Gradually through this training period I have been getting better and better and keep referring back to all I have learned from her, as well as my general nutrition knowledge gained through web surfing, book reading, magazines and other nutritionist, like Theresa Albert from My Friend in Food .com

I can feel I am in a good groove now and I am excited to see how much it all pays off. I can say for sure, that after several weeks now of high mileage and a 10k race in each of the last 4 weeks, I am feeling good, recovered and strong. Next item to focus on is sleep – which is where I am headed, right now. I just need to make a quick trip to the cookie cupboard first.



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