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      Youpo Yuba practices
      1, wash the Yuba swelling with boiling water boiled, remove and drain water, cut into sections; cucumber is abluent cut into diamond shaped pieces, two kinds of ingredients into a container, add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, vinegar, sesame oil for a little while.

      2. Sprinkle with black sesame. Mix well

      3, to mix a good dish of bean curd

      4. dry pepper cut into small

      5, the wok will put oil in the pot, when the heat to seven or eight into, next into the pepper, dry chili, stir incense off fire

      6. the oil poured in the mix of good Yuba above can

      Xu Changdou Baby Food Co. Ltd., specializing in the production of Xuchang bean curd, bean skin, welcome new and old customers come to buy.

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