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      Xuchang yuba production methods
      On the way to Ho Xuchang County township, pieces of a huge advertising signs Xuchang yuba stands in striking position beside the road, people look after bursts seem to smell the fragrant beans, and brought back to Xuchang yuba this tasty coveted .

      "Xuchang yuba origin in Ho." Xuchang yuba originated in the fifties and sixties. Ho has a spiritual river, clear river water quality spirit, sweet, Ho the names, hence the name. River Street near the village wear traditional tofu, tofu with the spirit of the river grind delicate, chewy texture, taste delicious.

      At that time, Ho Township ditch 王寨村, a farmer at the time of grinding burn tofu soy milk, because milk and cook a little longer time, end up with a layer of skin on top of the milk. Thus, the farmers from this layer of skin Yongshou Nie, easily hung on a bamboo pole next to the tofu pot. Etc. The farmer after finished grinding bean curd found him hanging on bamboo poles this layer of skin has been condensed into a bar, and the middle of an empty like bamboo, golden yellow and shiny shiny appearance. He broke off a length into his mouth to chew, flavor and very chewy. Later, the farmer will inform their findings with tofu mill village villagers, people are saying have had similar findings.

      Then, there are capable people in the village when the grinding tofu, soy milk is no longer with acid pulp, but deliberately to cook after the milk, the top layer of coagulated soybean oil pinch skin hanging on bamboo poles to dry, specially the start this new product. Due to the elongated shape of the soy products, hollow like bamboo, and originally hung on bamboo poles to dry from the local villagers then called yuba.

      Xuchang yuba golden color, bright color, uniform honeycomb, foam again after frying, fried, boiled and other processing methods, eat up and taste chewy, delicious, popular people's favorite. Thus, the villagers near the village of Ho follow suit, branched from the stove at home, and to improve the use of flat-bottomed wok cooking special milk, dried bean processing.

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