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      Introduction Xuchang yuba
      Xuchang Xuchang, Henan yuba is in the vicinity of Han Chinese traditional dishes. Yuba golden color, bright color, uniform honeycomb, foam again after frying, fried, boiled and other processing methods, eat up and taste chewy, delicious, popular people's favorite. After grinding the soybeans cooked, dried coagulated it made its hollow like bamboo, named yuba, and its main production in Xuchang, Henan Ying River, along the river clean 潩, named Xuchang yuba. This layer defines the yuba, yuba illustrates the depth of the people in Xuchang. In Xuchang, Henan whole, whenever the Ho Xuchang County township, people first thought is yuba. For decades, the production of Yuba River Street put on the table every household, people taste the salad yuba, yuba braised, fried yuba, etc. When a road with a delicious beans evolved, it will not help and asked loudly: " It is not Ho yuba? "So, the names will be accompanied by Ho yuba and caught on, becoming a synonym for Yuba indivisible.

      Yuba is a set of environmental protection, nutrition as one of the green, known as the "prime in the dirty." Yuba its glossy color, delicate texture and mellow taste, much like the majority of consumers.

      Xuchang County Xuchang Pei Ho Street Township, yuba origin. According to research, Shi Tang Dynasty "Zhongyue Ying Chuan Chi," Yuan "Xu state records," Ming Dynasty "Xu state book of anecdotes," Qing Dynasty "Xuchang county" and other Xuchang areas are described in detail in the selection of raw yuba, production process and other content .

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