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      Simple beauty - Xuchang yuba
      Xuchang yuba is set environmental protection, nutrition as one of the green, known as the "prime in the dirty." Yuba its glossy color, delicate texture and mellow taste, much like the majority of consumers.

      Ho Xuchang County township is yuba origin. According to research, Shi Tang Dynasty "Zhongyue Ying Chuan Chi," Yuan "Xu state records," Ming Dynasty "Xu state book of anecdotes," Qing Dynasty "Xuchang county" and other Xuchang areas are described in detail in the selection of raw yuba, production process and other content .

      After the 1970s, Xuchang City, Yuba industry in the management of dispersed toward standardization, and the traditional craft and modern technology integration, entered a golden period of development.

      March 2012, Xuchang yuba geographical indication trademarks were registered. Under the brand promotion, yuba Xuchang industry has developed rapidly, accounted for two-thirds of national output, the products are exported to Beijing, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanghai and other cities and Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

      Meanwhile, the country's largest soybean market came into being in Ho Xuchang County township, where the concentration of soy than 200 dealers across the country, the average daily sales of 400 tons or more. Pei Ho Street Township soybean production formed a yuba based, including Yuba, bean thread, vegetable meat, tofu, including five series over 10 brands of industrial chain.

      In addition, Xuchang Yuba industry also led the development of farming, aquaculture, transportation and printing and packaging industry and other related industries. For example, slag Xuchang yuba production can be used as pig feed, therefore many local farmers both yuba production specialist, is pig raiser, Ho township has grown large pig over 5000, the annual pig herds 45000, a "Xuchang City of pig production base. "

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