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    1. Xuchang
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      "Xuchang yuba" become the country's geographical indication trademarks
      July 19 9 pm, within Henan quality source soybean Ltd., Henan Province, deputy director of the Trade and Industry Bureau 李明申 "Xuchang yuba" geographical indication registration certificate granted Xuchang soybean Association solemnly. This means that "Xuchang yuba" as a unique symbol of Xuchang city has officially become a city, "card", which is following the "Yuzhou Jun Porcelain" The city won the State Administration for Industry officially approved the registration of the second member country GIs certification mark.

      Xuchang is a major producer of yuba, reputation, known as "tofu Xuchang, Henan Xing, Ho yuba pin the whole country". To protect this region Xuchang yuba specialty brands, in recent years, efforts to help the business sector Xuchang soybean Association declared "Xuchang yuba" geographical indication trademarks, and registered in March this year via approval of the State Administration Trademark Office.

      "Xuchang yuba" geographical indication registered trademark of success, is a major breakthrough in the city's industrial development yuba, yuba Xuchang industry labeled the "gold standard", also brought new development opportunities for the city yuba industry.

      "Xuchang yuba" trademark filers and owner of Xuchang soybean association, limited in scope Ho Xuchang County township, Su Qiaozhen, Gui Village, Shen Jian Township, Wei Du District Seven Mile Shop Street office, Takahashi Camp Street office six township (office) of yuba production enterprises. This six township (office) yuba production enterprise. If reach the required quality standards, by signing a trademark license agreement with Xuchang soybean association, will be able to use the "Xuchang yuba" trademark, protected by law. Unauthorized use of "Xuchang yuba" trademark behavior is a trademark infringement.

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