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    1. Xuchang
      Xuchang Doubaobao Food Co., LTD
      Contact:Ren Wengong
      Add:Generals pool Xuchang City Industrial Zone
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      Xuchang Doubaobao Food Co., LTD is located at Xuchang County, Henan Province Which is famous for “national forest city””national health city””the hometown of bean curd stick”. Xuchang County is located in the central region of Henan Province, and its non-public economy is prosperous.

      The company is located at the Dongcheng District of Xuchang City, and the traffic around the company is very convenient. The annual output of the company’s Bean curd stick is 12000 tons and the factory has modern standard workshops and production line. In addition, the entire production process adopts scientific management, implement the food safety and hygiene standards strictly, and equips with advanced testing instruments in order to ensure the product quality and safety. Furthermore, besides the domestic market, our products of bean curd stick are exported to the international market, such as Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions. Through exports, the capacity of earning foreign exchange is increased, and the market is occupied firmly in the fierce market competition.

      Since the company was established, the director Ren Wengong guides the staff to make continuous innovations and develops the economy prosperity. Through development, our factory has occupied the markets across the country and enjoyed a high reputation in the customers and dealers.

      豫公網安備 41102302000113號

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