Dark and Early Morning Runs

photo of an early morning runnerNow, with it being in the heart of winter, I am finally adjusting to the early mornings. The cold (and darkening mornings), seemed much worse back in November as is usually the case. By now,  I am able to flick on the tele, get an idea of the temperature and wind chill, and then dress accordingly. Then a light snack and head into the darkness. No problemo. At least it’s light by the time the generally hour long run is done.

At the beginning of winter, I find I dress either too warm or too cold while I slowly get reminded of what temps require what clothing. By January, I seem to be good at it, and no longer dread it.

I will never, however be upset when the mornings get bright again, and those initial, shorts and t shirt only runs present themselves.

Fortunately, this weekend will be warm, very warm, since we are heading to Arizona for the PF CHang’s Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix. (Point to Point route from Tempe -> Scotsdale -> Phoenix). I am really looking forward to this one. More on it later.


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  • http://www.beachesrunner.com/ Beaches Runner

    Doh…I wrote the original post last night and this morning failed to follow my own rules. I turned the tv on, saw that it was -10, a colder ‘temperature’ than it’s been lately so I dressed in 1 too many layers. I failed to notice that there was no windchill!

  • Anita

    Me too. I roasted!

  • Olivia

    Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more!
    And I love early morning cold & dark runs! Missed my run this a.m., so I ran tonight at dusk (about 20 degrees – so not too cold & flurries) and it was wonderful!