Boston 2013

The hay is in the barn!

The hay is in the barn!

Since I haven’t blogged in forever, I am feeling a little rusty. But not in the running department. I feel great and for the first time in a long time I am heading into the marathon weekend knowing I am ready.

The training cycle for Boston 2013 was a step up from last year with the addition of a coach. Hey, I never said I was an expert. I figured why not enlist someone who has progressed from where I am to a level I would like to be at. The schedule was fierce and relentless and having a coach checking up on me to ensure I was following the plan definitely helped. I stepped outside my comfort zone in a few areas that I usually don’t. Like running when tired for one. Sure, in the past I have put serious effort into the speed workouts but this time I persevered and ran many more miles. Some people may call them junk but we’ll see if they have in fact built endurance and the ability to fight hard right to the end of the race.

I won’t bore anyone with too many details of my training cycle. Basically it was high mileage, a lot of double runs and a real variance on the type of speedwork. Longer intervals emphasizing speed-with-endurance was the mainstay. Overall mileage was around 130k per week. some higher, some lower, with the lowest being 100 & 110k the weeks before Chilly Half Marathon and Around The Bay 30k – ‘Periodizations’ of sorts.

Now, with a few days to go, there’s nothing left to do but stay relaxed, sleep well, eat well and carbo-load. I think I can handle that. And of course, everyone wants to know my goal. Well, a 6 minute PB would get me under 3:10. I’ll be happy with that but I won;t be too surprised if I can pull off something a little sweeter. Time will tell, literally.



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  • Paul Radcliffe

    Welcome back Dave! Missed reading your posts.
    You’re always on the top of my Dailymile weekly mileage list! Impressive in many ways!
    I guess the “the hay is in the barn” is saying that you’re ready? It sound like you are!
    Good luck!!

  • Malindi Elmore

    Hi! I am bringing my blog out of hiatus and just wrote a blog on “the hay is the barn” and googled images to put on my site and found your site / photo. I just wanted to say I LOVE your barn photo with the runners at the door – including Ryan Hall! I was tempted to use it for mine but I think you probably photoshopped it so I will find a more generic photo to use. Anyways just thought I would say kudos on the cool photo for your blog entry. Cheers, Malindi (