Australia 2011 – Photos

Shoes off - Couran Cove BeachMy recent trip Australia, for work. Fortunately we had a couple of free days too. I will write a full blog post shortly.

This was a good trip, as far as work conferences go anyway. We had some free time and…

… and the work days ended at 4pm, so it was nice to be able to sight see a bit more this time around.

The photos were taken primarily with a Blackberry Bold. City photos are Brisbane, and the tropical photos are on North Stradbroke Island (Couran Cove Island Resort). The ‘costume party’ was a Battle Themed boat cruise on Australia’s ‘Gold Coast’. Most other photos were taken during training runs. I have some video footage too that is really nice which I will assemble…eventually.

Story will follow. For now, enjoy the photos.

To view the photos larger, just click on any one of them…


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